Ryan Reynolds and Jack Box Are Adland's New Dynamic Duo

The wackiest co-branding so far this year

Human civilization reached its zenith today when Ryan Reynold and Jack Box joined forces in commercials promoting the former's Mint Mobile wireless service and the latter's QSR chain.

This is really happening. It's not some brandtastic fever dream.

Actor/pitchman/entrepreneur Reynolds trades quips with Jack in the Box's kooky/creepy huge-headed mascot in a trio of spots.

Reynolds explains that to keep Mint costs low, he's "subletting" his ads to Jack. The latter introduces a limited-time Oreo-infused Mint Mobile Shake—green for St. Patrick's Day!

This must be what Ad Nerd Heaven looks like! Cue the fanfare and make that logo bigger! Agency Maximum effort developed the campaign.

On his mega-popular IG, Reynolds invokes Keli's classic earworm to celebrate the minty milkshake: "We're not responsible for any boys that show up at your yard."

Jack's hung out with movie stars before, appearing last summer with Mark Hamill in this drive-thru stunt

Through the years, Reynolds has mastered brand mashups. When his Aviation Gin worked with Samsung, Ryan snuck in a plug for U.K. soccer team Wexham, which he co-owns. The Deadpool actor also name-checked the club while hyping Kraft Mac & Cheese and his Netflix film, The Adam Project.

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