Progressive Wraps Up Jon Hamm Romcom Series on Surprising Note

'Insurance is my love language,' Flo declares

He's faking it!

Progressive's silly summer romcom storyline with Jon Hamm working tirelessly to woo brand spokescharacter Flo concludes this week on a surprising note.

The third and final spot in the series from Arnold Worldwide opens with Flo paying a late-night visit to Jon's swanky high-rise pad. Just when it appears that a burst pipe—and Progressive's home/auto bundle—might bring them together, an absurdly OTT deception from Hamm is revealed:

Hammergency | Jon Hamm Progressive Exclusive​

That's right, he faked the emergency. It's not even his place, just a soundstage. 

Flo: I'm sorry, Jon, but I'm already in love with insurance.

Jon: You know that's weird, right?

Flo: Well any weirder than faking a burst pipe?

Jon: Got a little carried away. Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Flo: Oh no, Jon Hamm. You're a customer now. I'm gonna protect you 24/7 forever and ever.

Jon: That's actually very romantic.

Flo: Well, insurance is my love language.

Jon: Again, very weird.

The campaign bowed in May, delivering the comic goods with Hamm and Stephanie "Flo" Courtney in fine form. Plus, that ridiculous final twist was just random enough to please.

"Flo's love for insurance is singular and unwavering," Arnold creative chief Sean McBride tells Muse. "It's one of the traits that's defined that character for the last 15 years. What I think makes this new storyline so funny is that we're testing the limits of that commitment. Is her love of insurance just as unwavering when she's being pursued romantically by someone famous and charismatic, and seemingly way out of her league? Can she stop thinking about insurance long enough to even notice, much less reciprocate?"

Now we know the answer. She'll watch over Hamm, metaphorically, "forever and ever." (As long he pays those premiums.)

Separately, Hamm dons a bushy beard as Santa Claus in fresh, funny promos for Fox Sports' FIFA Men's World Cup coverage. These days, ads are Jon's love language. Along with animated sitcoms, apparently, as he'll provide the lead voice in Grimsburg, set to debut on Fox next year.

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