Petco Probes Odd Behaviors of Cats and Dogs

Looks like Poochie's his own best friend

Does your dog like to make out with its own reflection? Does your cat sit in judgement while you shower or reach for a snack?

Such habits are ... Cute? Annoying? Obnoxious?

Petco and Slap Global teamed up with Hungryman director Dan Opsal for such brand-boosting oddness in fresh spots dropping today.

Petco | Makeout
Petco | Snacking
Petco | Shower

"The dog had no problem making out with himself with a little help from some peanut butter on the mirror," Slap president and partner Lyndsey Corona recalls. "He eventually tired of it but we got the shot we needed).

Predictably, kitty was a total diva.

"Our shower cat was probably the most challenging," Corona says. The little guy was incessantly curious, wanting to explore every part of the bathroom set and wouldn't sit still."

Remember when Petco cast humans as animal pals and had them play in cardboard boxes? Snoop killed as a doberman!

This new approach feels tamer. Kind of domesticated. It's in line, though, with a recent adland trend toward quirky, understated humor spiked with varying degrees of edginess. 

In the end, the pet supply superstore draws no conclusions about Fido and Tabby's antics:

"Some things we don't know. Everything else, we do."

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