Feeling Thungry, Gen Z? Naked's Got You Covered

Fig x Tom Kuntz bring the funny

Rise and shine, Mr. Figgles!

A Guinea pig mysteriously wakes up after a very long nap in Naked's amusing new campaign.

Or does he?

MJZ director Tom Kuntz just made slightly edgy ads for Apple that bristle with understated humor. Here, his work for Naked's juice and smoothies strikes a similar tone. 

Alas, no belly laughs. But the set-ups and imagery—subdued, and just a bit on the dark side—still pay off.

Naked | Mr. Figgles
Naked | 15 Minutes of Fame
Naked | Aunt Beatrice

Hey, it could be the same rodent! Also, that wad-of-bills hanky is an awesome sight gag. 

Developed by Fig ("Mr. Figgles" indeed!) the work targets Gen Z, advising, "When Thungry, Get Naked: the Drink You Can Food."

"We've all been there at 3 p.m., when the stomach pangs hit, and this campaign is a playful demonstration of how Naked is putting a stake in the ground, solidifying the brand's place as a tasty solution for those exact moments," says Monica McGurk, CEO of Naked parent Tropicana Brands Group North America. "Our suite of Naked smoothies offers something to satiate any desire, whether you're thirsty or hungry—or both."

"Not many clients let you explore death, shame, deception, humiliation, man-child stupidity and performative grief in the same campaign," adds Fig CCO Justine Armour. 

True enough. Kudos to the team for striking a memorably mirthful tone without juicing the comedy too far into the stupid zone.

The work dropped last week across Meta, YouTube and TikTok, with edits running on Peacock, Roku, BET+ and Disney+.

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