Snoop Dogg Plays a Chill Doberman Pinscher for Petco

No, he doesn't don a furry costume

Fresh from his midnight snack at Jack in the Box, Snoop Dogg stretches his acting chops (sort of) by playing a Doberman Pinscher for Petco.

To be clear: Snoop does not don a furry costume or bay at the moon. At least not in the commercial.

But he does deliver a canine monologue that begins, "Man, I feel good. Could be the food I'm eating. No artificials. Or these toys that get my mind right. Or maybe it's Petco, keeping me healthy for less money. Wait, what's money?"

Petco Snoop

Snoop knows exactly what money is. He's money! Pure gold in every commercial. Dogg cannot be overexposed or typecast. His lovable laid-back presence and definitive drawl are absolutely alpha.

Here, in a nostalgic nod, he reprises the human-to-beast transformation from his 1993 video for "Who Am I? (What's My Name?)."

"We recognize that pet parents want to get the most for their dollars and are seeking compelling deals for high-quality products wherever they can," says Petco CMO Katie Nauman. "Seeing this value through the eyes of the ultimate dog and dog dad—'Tha Doggfather' himself, Snoop Dogg—gives pet parents a fresh perspective on our comprehensive health and wellness offering at a value they can feel good about."

Snoop says: "My pets gotta look good, feel good, smell good. But it’s hard to know how to keep our pets healthy and happy when they can't tell us what they need. When I shop at Petco, it's all there."

That includes his pet product line, Snoop Doggie Doggs, with snacks called "Munchies" (for some mysterious reason), plus beds, bowls, apparel and travel gear.

"Snoop was a big fan of his co-stars Daisy and Rocky, the two Doberman siblings," recalls Tara Lawall, executive creative director at Droga5, which developed the work. "Yes, we had two dogs playing the dog role, very Mary Kate and Ashley. Every line Snoop delivers sounds so good and he was effortlessly funny. Every take was usable."

Breaking today, the ad flies under the banner of Petco's long-running "It's What We'd Want If We Were Pets" campaign.

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