Droga5's Wry Ads for Petco Imagine If People Were Pets

Putting on the dog (and cat) for health and wellness

Harold Einstein's penchant for absurdist humor served him well in campaigns for Liberty Mutual and Jolly Rancher. The Dummy Films director has proven particularly deft at placing strange yet relatable characters in weird yet familiar situations to entrance viewers and memorably drive home brand propositions.

Such dynamics emerge once again in a series of oddly appealing ads for Petco. Themed "It's What We'd Want If We Were Pets," the work from Droga5 represents the retailer's first big push since its pivot to a health-and-wellness positioning late last year.

Commercials present human beings who seem decidedly ... off. For instance, see the snooty cocktail-party crowd in the 45-second anthem film below. Their banter about Petco services—grooming, vets, food delivery—borders on obsession. They casually discuss sniffing and pouncing, and one guy apologizes for arriving late after digging outside in the dirt.

They are, quite literally, dog people and cat people...

It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | A New Approach to Whole Health | Petco

...with the final shot revealing a room full of pups and tabbies where homo sapiens had been.

So, those folks putting on the dog—and cat!—were really pets all along. These :15s give that conceit added bite:

It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | Get it Fast with Same Day Delivery | Petco
It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | High Quality Nutrition | Petco
It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | Protein-Packed Raw Nutrition from Instinct | Petco
It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | Science-Led Nutrition from Royal Canin | Petco
It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets | Nutrition with Real Whole Foods from Merrick | Petco
Es Lo Que Quisiéramos Si Fuéramos Mascotas | Curbside Pickup | Petco

Wow, those wrestling mutt-brothers play kind of ... ruff.

"At first glance, pet health and wellness is something that can easily be dismissed as intimidating, overwhelming or some new age-y silliness. Largely because it's hard, as humans, to know what our pets really need," Droga5 senior copywriter Chase Kimball tells Muse. "But human wellness is serious business. And that got us thinking, how do we help people not dismiss the idea? How do we get humans to take pet health and wellness seriously? The answer was brutally simple. Just think about their wellbeing as you would your own. We just needed to help people put themselves in their pet’s shoes."

The mood's more disorienting than in-your-face bizarre. While it's sure to catch viewers off guard, this approach might not suit everyone's taste, as the humor doesn't hit home until the kicker at the end.

Actually, the spots get more enjoyable on repeat viewings—and that's especially true of the :45. Like an old dog revealing new tricks, the gags and wordplay improve, bringing the brand's pitch into sharper focus, once we know we're watching pets personified.

The Droga team praised Einstein for his genius touches at brining the concept to life.

"From the outset, his approach wasn’t about finding people that looked like pets, but people that could convey the emotions, wishes and desires of a pet, essentially matching the pet’s personality," explains senior art director Jesse Brown. "It’s a misdirect that lets you communicate so many things, and Harold just got how stand-alone the idea could be."

During the shoots, "there were so many unexpected moments of joy in the pets performances—a dog actually licking his lips at a bag of dog food, or a kitten excitedly wrestling with a curtain," says creative director George McQueen "The absurdity of it all, when you suddenly see the pet in place of the person, makes everything that came before it instantly funny."


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