KeyBank's Itty Bitty Bankers Can Make a Big Difference

Director Harold Einstein always likes to have a wee bit of fun

Did you know that very tiny bankers live and work in your sewing kit, birdhouse and glove compartment? It's true, according to fresh KeyBank ads developed by Fallon and ace comedy director Harold Einstein.

Yes, they're silly. The VFX work on a hippie-era Land of the Giants level. Daring to deploy such diminutive daffiness deserves praise. At least a little.

Maybe there's a CPA in your shoebox. You never can tell.

"It was important to showcase those authentic relationships and ensure the genuine caring spirit of KeyBank bankers was prevalent in this new campaign," says agency co-CCO Nikki Baker "They're not just providing a service but meeting people in the moment no matter how big or small."

We're not sure the spots convey that message exactly. But they're whimsical and childlike in a category where we don't see much, if any, of that approach. So, it's a breath of fresh air, and memorable. In banking and finance, maybe that's a big deal?

Einstein worked small a few years back for Jolly Rancher. Though that effort and KeyBank's ads have totally different feels. (They feel at least a few inches apart!) The director's other impressively absurdities include outings for Petco, Take 5 and Liberty Mutual.

"Through our continued collaborative partnership with Fallon, we're able to demonstrate our commitment to relationship building," says KeyBank CMO Patty Jurca. "The moments that matter the most can't be planned or orchestrated. Our priority is the client and making sure every moment and every person is treated with the attention and care they deserve."


Patty Jurca: Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Varvaro: SVP, Brand, Creative & Media
Kelly Reitnour: SVP, Brand and Sports Marketing
Erin Srsen: Lead Marketing Consultant 
Terri Tancredi: Senior Marketing Consultant

Nikki Baker: Co-Chief Creative Officer
Leslie Shaffer: Co-Chief Creative Officer
Melissa Hoke: Creative Director
Emily Swenson: Creative Director
Reed Hoffman: Copywriter
Justine Pelayo: Art Director
Savanah Brihn: Strategy Lead
Emma Pindell: Senior Strategist
Brendan Lawrence: Director of Integrated Business Affairs
Rob Lee: Executive Producer
Alex Roundtree: Producer
Andy Rhode: Director of Media
Rachel Quinlan: Group Media Director
Sam Donovan: Senior Media Planner
Juliet Dupont: Assistant Media Planner
Matt Garcia: Managing Director & Head of Account Leadership
Chase Haviland: Group Account Director
Ale Gilboy: Account Director
Cynthia Saad: Account Supervisor
Ira Boudah: Account Supervisor
Marissa Gedis: Account Manager

Director: Harold Einstein
Producer: Michael Kanter

The Mill
ECD/VFX Supervisor: John Leonti
Executive Producer: Hillary Thomas 

Partner/Executive Producer: Sila Soyer
Editor: Dave Anderson
Assistant: Lucas Ferreira
Post Producer: Ellen Lavery

Executive Producer: Nathan Miles
Producer: Katarina Ireland
Head of Production: Alexandra Wilson

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