Take 5 Offers Absurd Comedy With Its Quick Oil Changes

Their service is 'Faster Than You Think'

How fast is the service at Take 5 Oil Change? Creative agency Erich & Kallman answers that question with satisfying silliness in a series of amusingly absurd commercials.

Take Five's so fast, you won't have time to moonwalk over to the vending machine. (Darn. Moonwalking's what you do best!)


The service is so speedy, you won't get to finish streaming your favorite TV show. So why not tear apart the car?


Take 5 completes oil changes in minutes, so you probably won't have time to stretch your legs like a contortionist:


Whoa, lickety-split service in that last spot, right? (Split ... get it? Jokes coming too fast for you?)

And at Take 5, you can forget about finishing your coffee or plucking your eyebrows. Because they're fast. Have we mentioned that already?


"Take 5 wanted to highlight not only their speed, but their other big differentiator: that you stay in your car the whole time," says E&K creative chief Eric Kallman. "So, we naturally got to thinking about the things you do in your car to kill time. We quickly figured out that the drama around trying to finish whatever you've started doing in your car could lead to some pretty entertaining scenarios."

Developed with Dummy Films director Harold Einstein, the work, tagged "We're faster than you think," offers self-consciously stupid humor that never slides off point.

Breaking this week, the work hammers home the brand proposition "in a way that can remain fresh and entertaining, that people will look forward to seeing again and again," Kallman says. (His laugh-out-loud campaigns for Old Spice and Little Caesars took a similarly slick approach.)


Client: Danny Rivera, President, Driven Brands
Client: Brady Noon, VP of Marketing, Take 5
Client: Alex Saunders, Marketing Manager, Take 5

Creative Agency: Erich & Kallman
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Kallman
Managing Director: Steve Erich
Associate Creative Director: Jason Goldberg
Associate Creative Director: Jon Northrop
Copywriter: Aaron Araya
Art Director: Vail Prior
Head of Production: Olivia Baker
Account Director: Laura Miley
Producer: Sofia Aguilar
Account Manager: Hannah Hadley
Offline Media: hunterblu
Digital Media: 360i

Director: Harold Einstein
Producer: Michael Kanter

Arcade Edit
Editor: Dave Anderson
Assistant Editor: Chris Angel
EP/Partner: Sila Soyer
Producer: Arlene Perez

The Mill
Executive Producer: Anastasia von Rahl
Producer: Daniel Beldy

Creative Director: John Leonti
VFX Supervisor / 2D Lead Artist: Alex Candlish
2D Artist: Young-Joon Mok, Lenz Kol

Company 3
Colorist: Tim Masik
Senior Producer: Kevin Breheny
Color Assist: Ryan Moncrief, Nick Daukas

Butter Music and Sound
Executive Producer: Annick Mayer
ECD: Tim Kvasnosky
Senior Producer: Stone Irr
Production Coordinator: Malayna Ellis

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