As Its Chicken Sandwich Turns 1, Popeyes Rings in 2021 Five Months Early

Because 2020 can't end soon enough

It's Aug. 19. Happy New Year!

Popeyes' chicken sandwich turns 1 year old today. So naturally, the chain decided to celebrate by ringing in the New Year five months early.

As part of a campaign by ad agency GUT, the fast feeder will run a cheeky digital countdown at 1 Times Square in New York with displays rising 350 feet into the sky.

What's more, Popeyes will offer free delivery all day long through its app, and run print ads assuring us that "We still have The Sandwich" even though the soul-crushing 2020 shit-show drags on:

"We know everyone living through this unbelievable year can relate to this campaign," says Bruno Cardinali, chief marketer at Popeyes North America. "It's a time when few things surprise us anymore, it's gotten so outrageous. But through it all, the Popeyes chicken sandwich isn't going anywhere. We want our fans to know they can rely on us and our food for comfort."

The sandwich brought Popeyes plenty of comfort, that's for sure. It ranked among the most successful product launches of 2019, ignited a "chicken sandwich war" with Chick-fil-A (among others), and sold 203 million units over the past 12 months.

This project video packs even more spicy-chicken goodness:

Popeyes | At least we still have The Sandwich

Last month, sister Restaurant Brands International fast-food chain Burger King cooked up a similar play, heralding an early start to the Christmas season. Popeyes has proven especially adept at deploying such buzzy strategies to stay top of mind. Recent efforts include a ploy to swap chicken dinners for pizzas, a sneaky way to auto-correct your dinner plans (again, substituting chicken for pizza), and a jingle contest for struggling musicians.

"The launch of the chicken sandwich catapulted our brand right into the heart of pop culture, and that's a place we want to stay," Cardinali says. "So, we develop our campaigns and communications in a way that's relevant to what is happening in the world, without losing sight of who we are. We aim to deliver our brand messages in a way that's impactful, entertaining and clever enough for people to say, 'Hey, did you see what Popeyes did?' "


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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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