Can Popeyes' 'Pizza Stalker' Get Delivery Customers to Swap Their Pies for Chicken?

GUT's spicy IRL stunt hypes free delivery

To promote a nationwide free-delivery deal on its Family Meals, Popeyes dispatched a dude to tail pizza drivers for a few days in Portland, Ore. His mission: convince the hungry folks who placed those orders to swap their saucy pies for Popeyes' spicy chicken.

Naturally, he succeeds quite a bit, or we wouldn't have this fun project video:

Popeyes Pizza Party Crashers

"We know pizza is an easy delivery option for family dinners, and everyone loves pizza, but with the amount that people have been ordering in lately, we thought they might like an alternative," says creative director Eliana Ferrer of GUT, which developed the campaign with production house Society. "So, we decided to crash a few pizza parties with Popeyes Family Meals and see if people would make the trade."

Connor Martin channels early-career Matthew McConaughey as the stalker/driver—and he also directed! The team mounted GoPros inside Martin's car, and two camera operators trailed him from a distance with zoom lenses.

We're told Martin intercepted about a dozen deliveries over three days, though his actual chicken-conversion rate remains a closely guarded marketing secret.

Yesterday, Popeyes teased the free delivery offer—which asks consumers to order Family Meals on the chain's app instead of turning elsewhere for pizza—with this tantalizing one-word tweet:

So … they're not introducing chicken pizza at Popeyes. Pfft.


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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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