Popeyes Invites Struggling Musicians to Record Its Spicy Jingle

Prove how much you 'Love That Chicken'

Do you love that Popeyes chicken enough to sing about it—or wail on the sax, or whatever it is you play?

Musicians who post demos of themselves performing the iconic track using the hashtag #LoveThatJingle could wind up with their interpretations appearing in one of the fast feeder's commercials.

"We know times are tough and venues are closed," Popeyes says in the promo clip below. "So we have a new venue for musicians to play. Our ads."

Love That Jingle from Popeyes

The late New Orleans jazz legend Dr. John penned the ditty, and even performed it in some early spots. (That morsel of trivia is totally irrelevant to the contest!)

To enter, you can follow this sheet music…

…or jam along with the video below:

Popeyes Jingle

You have until May 18 to post, though union musicians and those under 18 are ineligible. Popeyes will gobble up a few entries for TV and radio spots—and yes, you'll get paid for those efforts. Prior to selection, the chain will feature select demos in its social posts. (So, free PR, but no cash.) 

If this doesn't work out, you can always hawk Liquid Death until the live gigs and studio sessions return. (Seriously, the canned-water brand launched a profit-sharing deal for struggling artists.)

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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