Freelance Marketplace Fiverr Shines Light on 3 Independent Businesses

Charting their journeys of digital transformation

In a brand campaign breaking this week, Fiverr shines a spotlight on three Nashville-area businesses as they embark on digital transformations. Naturally, gig workers engaged through Fiverr's freelance marketplace, which offers services in 400 categories across 160 countries, are helping those businesses navigate their expansion.

Developed with commercial production house Bindery and directed by Eric Ryan Anderson, a trio of unscripted 30-second spots, united by the theme "It Starts Here," deliver a casual, homespun vibe. It's as if we're visiting with neighbors or friends and sharing their experiences.

First, we meet Stacy Williams and Monica Lokkesmoe, owners of Patina & Co., an antique shop specializing in European imports:

Next, the founders of Slim + Husky's, which also serves as a community center, discuss opening in California and Georgia and the push to sell their drizzle sauces online:

Finally, we dig into the story of Greener Roots, Nashville's first hydroponic farm, which grows vegetables and herbs year-round, and now looks to maximize its data to boost efficiency:

These stories put a human face on some not-so-sexy yet vital aspects of doing business, such as software development, inventory management and package design. In some ways, the work recalls Squarespace's "A website makes it real" initiative from a year ago. But Fiverr eschews fantasy elements (Squarespace's ads boasted gaudy effects) in favor of profiling entrepreneurs at their actual places of work. This relatable approach seems in tune with the times, grounded in understated, encouraging realism, which feels like a soothing balm as 2020 drags interminably on.

"We know that small businesses in particular have been really impacted by the pandemic, and many of the challenges they face today were accelerated by it," Fiverr vp of brand marketing and digital Duncan Bird tells Muse. "We wanted this campaign to be honest and authentic, so every business can know they are not alone. This will provide them with a sense of optimism and support as they navigate the new world."

The short-form videos will run across digital and streaming channels, as well as on social media and national TV. Longer posts will play on YouTube, providing deeper dives into each of the three companies.

As part of the push, Fiverr also unveiled a visual identity makeover from U.K. design firm Koto, including this logo refresh:

"We wanted a logo that captured the essence of Fiverr but represents how we've grown as a company over the past 10 years—a bold, polished look and feel," Bird explains. "We kept the original Fiverr green but created three new hues for different uses, added more colors, and chose two very different fonts to characterize the conversations that take place on our platform between buyers and sellers every day."

The revised look and feel extends to Fiverr's website, which now includes images of its community members to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Candid photos show folks in their stores, shops or home offices. "We wanted to capture them in their element, providing a real view into their world," Bird says. "We continue to put them and their needs at the heart of our product and our brand."

Examples of marketing projects that take that philosophy to heart include these contemporary updates of classic album covers and movie posters, produced by members of Fiverr's global design community.

And for an entertaining take on one creative agency's foray into the Fiverr marketplace, check out this Muse piece.


Bindery Credits
Creative/Production/Post: Bindery
Founder, EP: Greg Beauchamp
Director: Eric Ryan Anderson
Producer: Kat Glazer
Director of Photography: Nyk Allen
Head of Post Production: Jen Gothard
Lead Editors: Matt Dunne and Andy Peters
Composer: Cubby
Color: Jamie O'Bradovich, Company 3
Sound Mix: Calvin Pia

Fiverr Credits
Gali Arnon - CMO
Duncan Bird - VP Brand Marketing & Digital
Nadav Barkan - Head of Design
Zach Dioneda - Director of Brand Marketing
Matt Clunan - Director of Brand Marketing & Digital
Tal Moravkin - Creative Manager
Kate Devery - Senior Brand Copywriter
Colin Miller - Brand Designer

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