Fiverr Casts AI as Our Helpful, Willing Workmate

So ... now everything's just fine?

AI just wants to work with us on creative projects and be our friend. No job stealers here. Let's roll up our sleeves and hit those keyboards!

In a :60 and OOH dropping this week, Fiverr touts tech as a transformative tool while stressing collaboration between humans and machines.

"We embrace what AI can do to ignite creativity, increase production and streamline workflow," says Gali Arnon, CMO at the freelance marketplace. "It's honoring this incredible tech evolution while celebrating where true inspiration comes from—people.”

Surely, the chatty bots below would never dream of putting folks on the unemployment line (let alone contemplate world domination).

Fiverr | Powered by Human Talent (and AI)

"The target audience for this campaign is freelancers and businesses that have been exposed to mixed messages about AI and its impact on their jobs and work," Arnon tells Muse. "What we want to make clear is that AI is still a tool, but human talent will remain essential to its success."

It's well-intentioned and the AI beings are kind of cute. Emphasizing "The Power of Humanity" seems appealing.

Yet, it's so easy to be cynical, and the approach walks a fine line. Too fine, perhaps? Maybe it's oversimplified, treating a complex social shift with smiles but scant nuance? Or is it a smart, savvy sign of the times that will serve the brand well?

Ultimately that's for a human audience to decide. (Pending the botpocalypse, natch.)

And speaking of flesh-and-blood beings, real Fiverr talent appears on cheeky posters and billboards:

"Power of Humanity" launches along with new AI-related job categories on Fiverr. There's a matching tool called "Fiver Neo" and a dedicated AI content hub, too.

Hey, at least this campaign isn't about nothing. Fiverr tried that already. The brand's history of notable advertising also includes these classic movie poster remakes, profiles of indie businesses and a Super Bowl spot two years ago.


"Power of Humanity" Hero Ad
Chief Marketing Officer - Gali Arnon
VP of Global Brand Marketing - Matt Clunan
VP of Design - Nadav Barkan
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Senior Creative Specialist - Idan Kravitz
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