Fiverr Just Made a Whole Ad Campaign About Nothing

Turning startup dreams into reality

Would you pay your heard-earned money on ... Nothing? That's the faux brand at the center of a campaign dropping today from freelance marketplace Fiverr and Ostrich Studios.

Fast-paced spots trace Nothing's rise from a fleeting notion into a global phenomenon that generates countless headlines and millions of sales.

We never learn what Nothing is or costs or does. Instead, it serves as a symbol for every business dream that could take off in a big way—with an assist from the Fiverr community, naturally.

Turn Nothing Into Something

The creative stems from research showing 60 percent of respondents never pursue their ideas due to lack of resources. Fiver maintains its members can provide such expertise, a point made in the :60 anthem through narration from actors portraying video editors, UX experts and content creators ostensibly engaged through the service.

Although it's not spelled out in the spot, these actual Fiverr freelancers contributed to the campaign:

The push represents a tonal change for Fiverr, which focused on real small businesses in ads last year. Here, however, the marketer adopts sitcom-style storytelling, evoking Seinfeld's "nothing" ethos from a generation ago.

"The concept of 'Brand Nothing' stands in for any idea, product, service or business idea," says Fiverr VP of brand management Duncan Bird. "You can take any idea and with the right freelance support and make it possible."

"We know the concept is a bit abstract," he concedes. "We want people to take a step back after seeing it and take a moment to think about it and watch it again. This is intended to spark a conversation and intrigue with the audience."

"Something From Nothing" resembles AmEx's amusing commercials that focus on fake SMBs and continues a recent category shift away from the intense small-business themes we've seen through Covid times. (Though more work in that well-mined vein will surely surface soon enough.)

"We want anyone with an idea to feel inspired to take the leap and do something to bring that idea to life," says Bird. "Whether you need someone to help you with graphic design, merchandise designs, SEO optimization, video editing or other services, you can find the right Fiverr freelancer to take your idea to the next level."


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