The Top Muse News Stories and Essays of 2023

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As another amazing year in creativity winds down, we look back at the most-read Muse content of 2023.

First, our top five news items...

5. Rob Gronkowski Will Try to Kick a Field Goal Live During Super Bowl for FanDuel

Jan. 9, 2023

This high-profile Big Game push generated lots of media attention as the former NFL tight end put his best foot forward in a series of fun ads created by Wieden+Kennedy. It culminated in a live spot on Super Bowl Sunday, with bettors in line to win a share of $10 million if Gronk prevailed.

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4. 'Rabbit Holes' From Tubi Wins Super Clio as Big Game's Best Ad

Feb. 13, 2023

Created by Mischief and director Tom Kuntz, this mildly creepy :60 broke the mold, tossing aside celebrity SB cliches in favor of offbeat style. "Those rabbits are burned in my mind and I'll never forget this ad," said Super Clio juror Katherine O’Brien, GCD at VaynerMedia.

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3. Faith Organization He Gets Us Puts Jesus Christ in Super Bowl 

Feb. 12, 2023

Christian outreach organization He Gets Us generated plenty of headlines around the game through a pair of mostly monochrome commercials. Along with providing food for thought, the effort miffed both left- and right-wingers.

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2. Canadian Armed Forces' Latest Appeal Tries a New Direction 

Mar. 23, 2023

Inverting traditional recruitment models, "This Is For You" took a  holistic approach, weaving the notion of service—military and otherwise—into the fabric of one's being. Though a tad hokey, this approach struck a chord.

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1. Capital One Casts John Travolta as Santa Claus

Oct. 31, 2023

This disco-fied fusion of branding and nostalgia didn't miss a beat. Our coverage garnered more views than any other story or essay we ran in 2023. What's more, the ad from GSD&M topped Muse's inaugural holiday readers' poll.

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And now, our top five essays by industry execs and experts...

5. Why Some Brands Are Doing TikTok Wrong—and Steps They Can Take to Ace the Platform

June 12, 2023

Michelle Nguyen of Super Duper Studios posited that young people experience social media, and especially TikTok, as "a kind of temple, where a big part of their personalities live and evolve." She provided keys to help brands crack this elusive code.

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4. The Day Advertising Died and Marketing's New Era Dawned

April 11, 2023

Kurt Kretten of Marks wrote: "On Thursday, April 23, 2020, the convergence of media, brands and culture changed everything for good. Epic Games, Fortnite and Travis Scott, along with other behind-the-scenes partners and collaborators, came together around the rapper's first virtual concert on the gaming platform."

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3. Gen Z Trends Are Transforming Social Media 

Aug. 24, 2023

"Gen Z is prioritizing positivity and authenticity, while pushing for anonymous self-expression and snackable entertainment," wrote Tom Hyde of Movers+Shakers. "These distinct values are shaping the social landscape and redefining the way marketers must think and act if they want to make connections."

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2. 6 Ads You Should Watch Before Starting an Agency

July 20, 2023

Dhaval Bhatt of Courage, celebrating his Toronto-based agency's first year in business, analyzed important creative lessons from Dick's Sporting Goods, Honda, Under Armour and more.

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1. A Father Teaches His Son the Secret of Creativity

June 16, 2023

Ogilvy N.A. president and CCO Chris Beresford-Hill traveled back to the future for Father's Day. He sweetly recalled how his dad helped him see things in new and different ways, sparking a lifelong love of creativity. Ultimately, this set young Chris on the path to becoming an ad-maker of global import.

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