Sleighin' Alive! John Travolta's Capital One Commercial Tops Our Holiday Poll

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It wasn't even close. Capital One danced to the top of our first yuletide readers' poll thanks to the charismatic, cross-generational appeal of John Travolta. "Holiday Night Fever"—with the Hollywood icon donning a Santa suit and busting some moves to spoof his most famous role—took home 52 percent of the vote, more than our other 10 contenders combined.

This feels like a fitting way to close out adland's big year of nostalgia, with beloved music tracks and pop-culture callbacks driving dozens of campaigns.

Coca-Cola and John Lewis placed second and third, respectively, tallying 15 and 13 percent (no other ad reached double digits). Both deployed fantasy elements while taking markedly different tacks. Coke whimsically evoked the Twilight Zone, while JL channeled, of all things, Little Shop of Horrors.

Overall, however, it was a so-so showing for festive commercials, with classic themes coming to the fore and few brands taking chances. Our top three spots scored by exploring unexpected territory, with good-natured cheek to spare.

They were memorably unpredictable and fun, merry qualities in any season.

1. Capital One, 'Holiday Night Fever'

Travolta boogies like it's 1977 as a disco-dancin' Kringle.

Capital One | Holiday Night Fever

2. Coca-Cola, 'The World Needs More Santas'

There's a city full of Saint Nicks in this surprising scenario.

Coca-Cola | The World Needs More Santas

3. John Lewis, 'The Perfect Tree'

An unexpected touch of horror-comedy from the U.K. retailer.

John Lewis | The Perfect Tree


And here are the rest of our contenders in alphabetical order...

Amazon, 'Joy Ride'

The Beatles' timeless "In My Life" propels a sweet sledding story.

Amazon | Joy Ride

Apple, 'Fuzzy Feelings'

A heartwarming tale with stop-motion animation and a George Harrison track.

Burger King, 'Driving Home for Christmas'

Tunefully guiding motorists to 21 drive-thru locations in the U.K.

Etsy, 'Your Mission'

Who needs carols? Let's sing the Mission: Impossible earworm instead.

Etsy | Dad

Kroger, 'Cuisine Exchange'

The brand's Krojis return—and every picture tells a story.

Kroger | Cuisine Exchange

Tesco, 'Become More Christmas'

Dad turns into a tree—but that's just the start

Tui, 'Happy Holidays'

Santa's helpers get up to mischief as they take some time off post-Xmas.

Walmart, 'Add to Heart'

With a meet-cute, a love triangle and Meg Stalter.

Walmart | Add to Heart

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