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Inside 'Got Milk?' and Its Dark Comedy of Deprivation

This week on Tagline, the origin story of Goodby Silverstein's pop-culture hit for the ages

This week on Tagline, we serve up an ice-cold glass of nostalgia as we look back at the making of the culture-busting "Got Milk?" campaign from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. It's the story of a powerful insight, darkly comic creative, a lightning rod of a tagline, and a client who loved partnerships and parodies and gave the world's blandest product advertising's hottest campaign.

Listen to episode 6 of Tagline above, or subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. And below, check out the original "Aaron Burr" spot along with a load of other "Got Milk?" ads through the years.

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Episode 6 guests

• Jeff Goodby, co-chairman and partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
• Jeff Manning, former executive director, California Milk Processor Board
• Jon Steel, founder, Jon Steel Consulting
• Scott Z. Burns, filmmaker
• Cindy Epps, senior integrated producer and consultant
• Erich Joiner, founder, Tool of North America
• Chuck McBride, founder and executive creative director, Cutwater
• Harry Cocciolo, creative director, Cisco
• Amy Nicholson, director, Supply&Demand
• Blake Kelly, freelance writer
• Sean Whalen, actor

'Got Milk?' commercials

Cookie Monster's 'Got Milk?' billboard

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