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Inside Droga5 and Under Armour's Last Goodbye for Michael Phelps

This week on Tagline, we look at the craft and legacy of their triumphant 2016 Olympics ad

This week on our Tagline podcast, we unpack one of the great sports ads of the past decade, Droga5's Michael Phelps spot for Under Armour, made for the 2016 Olympics. We look at how the spot shed new light on the world's greatest swimmer, how it was expertly concepted and crafted, and how it was ahead of its time in broaching the difficult subject of Olympic athletes and mental health.

Listen to episode 8 of Tagline above, or subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. And below, check out the full Under Armour spot.

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Episode 8 guests

• David Droga, founder and creative chairman, Droga5
• Tim Gordon, chief creative officer, Droga5
• Colleen Leddy, chief media officer, Droga5
• Harry Roman-Torres, head of strategy, Droga5
• Toby Treyer-Evans, executive creative director, Droga5
• Laurie Howell, executive creative director, Droga5
• Martin de Thurah, director, Epoch Films
• Leo Scott, editor, Stitch/Cartel
• Peter Carlile, managing director of Octagon's Olympic and Action Sports, agent of Michael Phelps
• Brian Boring, head of global brand creative, Under Armour
• Nicole Phelps

Under Armour | Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps

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