Serena, Romo Spoof Caddyshack in Michelob Ultra's Big Game Play

There's a neat (bottle cap) twist at the end

Pump up the volume on "I'm Alright," because Michelob Ultra's star-soaked Caddyshack-inspired Super Bowl commercials have arrived.

Tony Romo does his best Carl Spackler routine in silly spots from Wieden+Kennedy New York and director Rachel Morrison, while Serena Williams returns for her third consecutive Big Game outing on behalf of AB InBev's Ultra. To lampoon Caddyshack—the 1980 comedy classic set in the golf world—Serena joins a cast of familiar faces including Alex Morgan, Canelo Alvarez and Nneka Ogwumike.

In a :60, Williams hit the links with Succession actor Brian Cox. Romo provides a twist at the end—a bottle-cap twist!—to seal victory for one of the players:

Like Serena was gonna lose? She's the ultimate GOAT, no matter which sport!

Next, Tony and his hat return for a :30 with PGA star Rickey Fowler, plugging Netflix's docuseries Full Swing, which Ultra sponsors:

These ads have ranked among the most anticipated of the 2023 Super Bowl season, with teasers like the one below whetting the public's appetite:

Today, the brand slaked fans' thirst by unveiling with a pop-culture romp driven by broad humor (and broader strokes!) that underscore Ultra's "It's Only Worth It if You Enjoy It" mantra. The approach seems apt, given the brew's recent trajectory as one of AB InBev's fastest-growing products. Leaning into nostalgic tropes with a diverse cast should drive buzz and help maintain or even accelerate that momentum.

"Golf is going through an exciting transformation to become more inclusive and more joyful, which perfectly aligns with Michelob Ultra's point of view and as such ended up serving as inspiration for our campaign this year," says Ricardo Marques, the Ultra's VP of marketing. "Beyond entertaining, we're looking to engage our audience with an approach that combines creativity, commercial integration and new partnerships."

In addition to its Netflix collab, those partnerships include a shoppable Instacart experience, takeovers of greens in Phoenix (near the site of the Big Game), plus an apparel collection with Devereux Golf.

Click to enlarge these examples:

Despite its decision to relinquish in-game alcohol exclusivity, AB InBev will still rock a considerable presence during the Feb. 12 telecast on Fox. Earlier this week, Muse trekked into the woods for Busch Light's funny foray with a self-deprecating Sarah McLachlan. The Martin Agency developed that commercial.

Plus, FCB New York's "Six Degrees of Budweiser" spot, voiced by Kevin Bacon, will run in local markets:

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