Only Madcap Mullets Will 'Do' for Kawasaki's Super Bowl Debut

Wrestling icon Steve Austin grows one

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

Kawasaki pounds viewers over the head with mullets in a Super Bowl commercial from Goodby Silverstein & Partners featuring an appearance by wrestling legend Steve Austin.

Let's watch that so-lame-it's-hip hairstyle sprout atop Steve, his pals, a suddenly not-so-bald eagle, doggo, a turtle and even a growly bear:

Kawasaki | Mullets

Well, that was silly. But at least mouths and noses didn't grow from their foreheads.

Kawasaki director of marketing Bob O'Brien says the mullet provides "a perfect metaphor" for the Ridge off-road, side-by-side vehicle.

That's because both are all about "business in the front, party in the back," he says. "We hired GS&P to help us bring this category from its current niche audience to the biggest stage in the world and generate mass awareness."

Feels like a stretch, but the :45's shaggy stupidity and somewhat random celeb cameo might help it power through a typically overloaded Big Game field to make a lasting impression.

"The mullet is an American icon and symbol of rebellion since the '80s," agency creative director A.J. Warren tells Muse. "In 2024, it's back and better than ever. You see NFL players, MLB players, rock stars, movie stars, Patrick Mahomes—they're all wearing mullets now. The 'diabolical follicle,' as some say."

For Kawasaki, "It's a simple, memorable visual that works in a single Instagram frame—but still tells you something about this incredible side-by-side."

Dave Laden and Christopher Gruse directed.

"One's a comedy director, Dave Laden, and one's an action automotive shooter, Chrise Gruse," explains Ryan Tovani, also a GS&P creative director. "The spot is both action and comedy, so they paired up for the first time to deliver something special."

"We shot in Vancouver on a property owned by a former stuntman. It has trails in the woods, then a parallel trail for the camera car. Little movie magic here: that's how you get those chase scene shots."

"And when you’re shooting outside, weather's an issue. A little 'atmospheric river' came through, but it set the mood perfectly for this badass vehicle," Tovani says.

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