Mars Mouths Off, Unites Gum Brands Under Global Platform

Will the message stick with young adults?

CGI mouths are taking over the world!

We just saw the chatty things in GoodBoyBob's goofy campaign. Remember how they grew from the backs of lab rats, along with all-too-human eyes, ears and noses? Ew!

Now, a superimposed kisser riffs from some guy's forehead as part of Team Omnicom and Energy BBDO's big push for Mars gum brands Orbit, Extra, Freedent and Yida.

Mars | MindMouth

Campaign materials laud a "disruptive, poppy, quirky aesthetic aimed at captivating and recruiting the next generation of chewing champions—the coveted under-25 demographic that is the most likely to chew of any age group."

I like gum. Am I a chewing champion? Where's my trophy?

"Gum has always been this thing we chew to be outwardly more confident or attractive to others," says agency CCO Josh Gross. "But it gets really interesting when you think about what gum can do for you inwardly, especially considering the totally bonkers world we're living in."

Inwardly, eh? Don't swallow your gum!

Backed by $50 million through mid-year, the push initially drops in the U.K., Poland, Spain and CEAB across OOH, TV and digital, expanding to the U.S. and other markets later on.

Mars dubbed the overall creative aesthetic "Chewtopia"—what else?—with photographer Hanina helping bring the vision to life.

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