A Clydesdale Embodies America in Bud's Super Bowl Ad by Chloé Zhao

VaynerMedia crafts first big-game spot for brand

After sitting out last year's Super Bowl to redirect funds to Covid-19 vaccine awareness, Budweiser is returning this year—and leaning heavily into its iconography with a Clydesdale spot from VaynerMedia and director Chloé Zhao.

The spot will air as a :30 during the Feb. 13 telecast, but was released this morning as a :60 online. It tells the story of a Clydesdale on a ranch out west who suffers an injury and struggles to recuperate. By the end of the spot, it becomes clear the animal is a metaphor for something bigger.

Budweiser | A Clydesdale's Journey

There are elements of Bud's previous Super Bowl spots here, like the dog-and-horse friendship from "Puppy Love." But the tone is starkly different, with a grittier vibe and more diverse actors.

"We all fall down in life and the journey to healing is often painful, long and solitary," said Zhao, an Oscar winner for her film Nomadland, said in a statement. "To tell a story of perseverance, hope and friendship through the lens of the beloved Clydesdales really resonated with me."

"As America's beer, we wanted to come back to the Super Bowl with a message of strength and resilience," Daniel Blake, group VP of marketing, Budweiser and value at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement. "Budweiser has a history of supporting the country through difficult times and reminding communities across America that better days are ahead. With this Super Bowl spot, our goal was to highlight the perseverance and determination of the country and depict that by coming together, we can grow and move forward stronger than before."

This is also VaynerMedia's first Super Bowl ad for Budweiser.

"This idea is nine years in the making," says CCO Rob Lenois. "We started as Budweiser's social agency in 2013 and now we are incredibly proud to be creating our first Super Bowl commercial for them. This is a story of true partnership and we're humbled and proud to be helping to write the next chapter for this storied brand."


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