SAXX Underwear Launches March Madness Vasectomy Gift Registry

Carlos Boozer helps demonstrate

SAXX just put its balls back in play.

As you may recall, the Canadian underwear brand recently joined with agency Quality Meats for a jokey U.S. launch campaign starring Dutch actress Nina Bergman. Surrounded by men clad in naught but SAXX, she explained that the company's boxers and briefs best represent "how a gentleman treats his balls."

Now, Bergman returns, with retired hoops standout Carlos Boozer in tow. They introduce a service that works like a wedding or baby registry—for dudes with sore testicles. Really.

You see, vasectomies surge 30 percent ahead of March Madness, as guys time the procedure so they can savor games while they recuperate. And urologists frequently recommend that these snippees try SAXX, owing to the brand's comfort-pouch design. 

Naturally, this inspired the creation of a VaSAXXtomy Registry, as we learn in the playful :45 below.

SAXX | Vasaxxtomy Gift Registry

"There comes a time in a man's life when he needs to take a long hard look at his balls," Bergman says, strolling around the high-class drawing room we saw in the earlier spots. "And when that time comes, a gentleman knows the right thing to do is to snip them of their duties and send them off into the sunset."

At this point, Boozer bids two beloved basketballs a fond farewell. 

Bergman concludes: "But this shan't be a somber occasion, for it's a time to celebrate the life they've lived, and the life they've given. So, your loved ones can shower your balls with a buttery soft undergarment, made with a special satchel to snuggle your freshly snipped sack."

At the VaSAXXtomy Registry, friends and family can treat the oh-so-achy men in their lives to underwear, sweatpants, T-shirts and more. Non-SAXX items like Grabber sticks, Amazon Alexa and Ring doorbells are available, too. Bruhs earn an ice pack for every purchase.

"We thought the idea of a guy getting a vasectomy is the noble/gentlemanly thing to do," Gordy Sang, co-chief creative officer at Quality Meats, tells Muse. "It's a small sacrifice considering your kid's mother had to bear a child."

So, that's a pair of fun SAXX efforts this month. We can't wait to see what they whip out next.

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