For Coors Light, Patrick Mahomes Co-Stars With a Big Ol' Bear

They're besties on the golf course

The perks of NFL superstardom include making commercials with some dude in a bear costume? Sweet!

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes stars in just such an ad for Coors Light.

But the league prohibits its players from directly promoting alcoholic beverages. So, naturally, this becomes a commercial for the "Coors Light Bear" instead of beer:

Coors Light Bear

The "Coors Light Bear" is a fuzzy ursine golf-club cover retailing for $15. That merch drop follows last year's Mahomes-powered promo for "The Coors Light" flashlight, another cheeky way to sidestep NFL rules—like a QB dancing in the pocket—and hype Rocky Mountain suds.

Maybe they can play off the Coors name next year and sell doors, floors or some such?

"Sometimes, the smallest sandboxes are the most fun to play in," says Vanessa de Beaumont, associate creative director at agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address. "Instead of looking at the sponsorship restriction as an obstacle, we saw it as the answer. And had a lot of fun with it. Like, put-a-man-in-a-bear-suit-into-an-actual-sandbox fun with it."

"Fortunately, Patrick thought the bear was great," she adds. "He laughed the first time he came out." (The future Hall of Famer was probably just relieved the bear wasn't randy.)

As ad nerds know, Mischief likes to obey its animal instincts. Since 2023 began, the team's scored with big scary bunnies for Tubi (winner of the Super Clio!), FanDuel's existentially morose chickens, and fashionista foxes donning humans like coats for Eos.


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