Foxes Wear People in Eos Shave Cream's Unhinged Ads

Soft things will think you're soft

"These days, I would never leave the house without wearing my human."

A sultry-voiced, anthropomorphic fox drapes a young woman across her (its?) shoulders and narrates a strange, silly :30 for Eos shave cream.

"Humans have always wanted to wear me as a coat," the creature says. "But now that they're using Eos shave cream to get extra soft skin, I thought to myself: What's stopping me from wearing them?"

Sounds like the fox is rocking high heels at one point. Classy! The ad's main human, Margo, looks dead for most of the :30, but she perks up near the end and chirps, "I'm getting college credit for this." 

It's kind of icky-sexy when the fox strokes Margo's legs. That gives the scenario an extra edge. It's not too cute, and we're initially unsure where the story's going.

There's more (not-so-heavy) petting in a second ad starring fido:

The line "Skin So Soft, Even Soft Things Think You're Soft" sounds awkward at first. But it accurately sums up the sales proposition and fits the off-kilter tone.

Agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address—building, perhaps, on lessons learned from its Super Clio-winning big-bunny commercial for Tubi—developed the campaign. (That place is a zoo these days!)

"The target is primarily a very hard-to-surprise Gen Z audience," Mischief associate creative director Dana Buckhorn tells Muse. "They have an impressively low tolerance for stale content and a remarkably high standard for skincare products. Luckily, Eos can fulfill both of those demands."

Eos' recent ads include the Grand Clio-winning "Bless Your F*cking Cooch" and an effort to evolve men's shaving cream beyond macho clichés.

For this particular shoot, "The fox suit was pretty incredible," Buckhorn recalls. "It was created by the legendary team at StefFX, who craft practical effects for Hollywood on shows like The Boys. The suit had fully animatronic ears, eyebrows and tail, along with interchangeable eyeballs. Not to mention a real trooper of a human inside doing all of the acting and moving the mouth." 

The brand reports that its household penetration grew nearly 40 percent in 2022, so the new work represents an effort to juice existing momentum. The campaign will run through summer across YouTube and other streaming platforms.


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Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer
Carley Caldas, VP Brand Marketing and Media
Demi Ngai, Creative Director 
Kirby Reynolds, Senior Brand Manager, Content & Social

Mischief @ No Fixed Address
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Bianca Guimaraes, Partner & Executive Creative Director
Kevin Mulroy, Partner & Executive Creative Director
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Tyler Harris, Managing Director 
Kelsey Brown, Account Director
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