Spotify Immortalized Top Brand CMOs in Original Songs

Crank up these CVS, Indeed, Frito-Lay tracks

Five brand CMOs who advertise on Spotify now find themselves immortalized in song.

Developed with FCB New York and composer Watt White, "A Song for Every CMO" celebrates these leading marketers in styles ranging from rock anthems and R&B to power ballads and country.

"Zena With a Z!" spotlights Kimberly-Clark global CMO Zena Arnold with a big pop beat:

"Lean On Zena ,she'll be right there
To help you through trouble or Share A Square.
... She's the marketing lead of KC
Driving the digital transformation
With brand responsibility."

CVS's Norman de Greve, Frito-Lay's Rachel Ferdinando, Indeed's Jessica Jensen and Intuit's Lara Balazs also get the tuneful treatment on their own personalized tracks.

Jensen's kitschy homage kicks ass! In a non-threatening, corporate sort of way!

"If you need work, don't cry, don't sob
Just call on Jess, she'll help you find the job
...We thank you from Spotify
You're like music to our ears
Like a symphony of resumes
You're orchestrating new careers!"

Each track gets it own chill "cover" art (see above). You know, some site should run a feature on great album covers. That'd really draw eyeballs!

"A Song for Every CMO" delivers fun in-jokes, but it also serves a broader business purpose, demonstrating audio's potential for building brands on Spotify.

"There's still a fairly wide gap between what marketers and advertisers are currently doing and what can be done," says FCB co-creative chief Michael Aimette. "As we're encouraged to be more and more innovative on the platform, the more the platform can adapt and improve to meet the demand of innovative thinking. They build off each other."

"That's what 'A Song for Every CMO' is trying to do—show marketers how fun and effective the platform can be, how their message can be so tailored to one's audience," he says.

Spotify more than doubled its global ad revenue in the last quarter, "and through this new campaign, we're celebrating the people and brands that helped get us there, as well as showcasing the power of audio as a creative canvas," adds Sarah Kiefer, the platform's global director of enterprise marketing. "In lieu of in-person engagements like Cannes or day-to-day meetings, we decided to celebrate through song."

Spotify promises to spin more CMO selections in coming months.

Of course, the brand frequently plays from an inventive marketing songbook. Its year-end "Wrapped" campaigns rank as cultural touchstones, and an iteration of that work recently garnered a Grand Clio at the Clio Music Awards.


Michael Amiette – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Gary Resche – Executive Creative Director
Alexandre Abrantes – Creative Director
James Meiser – Associalte Creative Director
Justin Batten – Senior Art Director
Ken Syme – Senior Copy Writer
Watt White – Composer
Melissa Chester – Executive Music Producer
James Friedman – Director Strategic Planning
Tara Graff – SVP Business Lead
Sean Kittredge – Account Supervisor

Andrea Kim - Global Strategy Manager
Khurrum Malik - Head of Advertising Business Marketing
Sarah Kiefer - Global Director Enterprise Marketing
Richard Frankel - Creative Director

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