Smells Like Hornets and Horseplay From Every Man Jack

This time, it's all about deodorant

When you're biking on a mountain and crash into a hornet's nest, you might as well smell good doing it. Ouch!

Men's grooming brand Every Man Jack returns today with another tuneful tortured take, following last year's beard bopper. This time, it's all about the wonders of deodorant, with quite a sting in the tale.

Every Man Jack | Still Smell Good

"Use Every Man Jack so you still smell good.
Ride your mountain bike but you still smell good.
Crash into some hornets and...
Fall down a mountain but you still smell good.
You died for seven seconds but you still smell good."

"The brief wasn't complex: How do we convince our audience that naturally derived deodorant can also be effective?" Recalls Andy Silva, managing partner at Party Land, which developed the campaign. "To land this point, we knew the idea had to be super simple, repetitive in nature and memorable at the point of purchase."

"Research shows that we process music using the same parts of the brain responsible for memory and emotion," he says. "Drawing from Party Land's previous experience—including Every Man Jack’s beard campaign, where our original song proved impactful—we understood the power of music in communication."

As for the woodsy Oregon shoot, "Day one was like a swamp," Silva recalls. "Rain was coming down and there was mud everywhere. The perfect conditions to build any client's confidence. However, it wasn't until one of them dropped their computer into said mud that the account team's cortisol levels really started to spike."

Ah well, they probably still smelled good, despite all the fuss. 

"Other highlights included watching our stuntman perfectly execute the art of falling down a mountain, and the intricacies of directing him to rise from the dead over and over again."

It's not as inspired as, say, Party Land's efforts a few years back for Liquid Death. Still, there's enough silliness to please, with a Jackass vibe that stands out.

The campaign runs nationwide on TV, social and digital platforms, with an emphasis on live sports programs. 


Agency: Party Land
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Matt Heath
Managing Director: Andy Silva
Creative Director: Rob Teague 
Art Director: Eli White
Sr. Producer: Nick Phillips
Sr. Producer: Kim Vorse 
Brand Supervisor: Taylor Toomey

Client: Every Man Jack 
VP of Marketing: Ellie Off
VP of E-Commerce & Performance Marketing: Nick Hasselberg
Creative Director: Jamee Viola
Sr. Brand Manager: Lindsey Scholtz
Director of Performance Marketing: Brad Larabell
Director of Integrated Marketing: Ashley Hall 

Production: Food Chain 
Partner / Executive Producer: Brad Goldthwaite
Director: Michael Illick
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt
Production Designer: David Storm
Wardrobe Designer: Lis Bothwell

Edit: Whitehouse Post
EP: Joanna Manning 
Editor: Heidi Black 
Assistant Editors: Joe Carugeti & Nick O’Neil 

Color & Finishing: Carbon
Colorist: Bree Brackett 
Color Assistant: Zoe Rain Lambert 
Color EP: Natalie Westerfield 
CG Supervisor: Frank Grecco 
Flame Lead: Michael Sarabia 
FX: Gregory Ecker
CG Animation: Andrew Boccio 
CG Light / Render : Emily Griswold 
Nuke Compositing: Herculano Fernandes 
Senior Producer: sue mcnamara 

Music, Sound Design, & Final Mix: Walker
Managing Director: Sara Matarazzo
Senior Executive Producer: Stephanie Pigott
Senior Producer: Danielle Soury
Sound Designer and Mixer: Meg Ochs

Business Affairs: Hailstorm 
Partner, Managing Director: Christina Rust 
Business Affairs Manager: Emily Dalton 

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