Tap Your Toes to a C&W Earworm All About Grooming Beards

Every Man Jack calls the tune

"If your face has fuzz, super long or just a buzz,
it can itch, smell, flake, and look all weird.
But Every Man Jack has the answers that you lack, to turn that
hair ball (back) into a beard."

Words to groom by, according to Every Man Jack, which today launches a countrified campaign featuring Them Beardles (heh), a trio that doesn't need proper instruments to jam, thanks to their fab facial hair:

Every Man Jack | Them Beardles

"We got washin' stuff, to clean that scruff.
We got shapin' things, for a beard that sings.
Smells real nice like sandalwood
Feels so soft just like it should
Use Every Man Jack to fix your face. Hair, that is."

Makes us want to dance the shag for some reason. 

Oh, you might recognize Matt James from The Bachelor, whose chin stylings made headlines a few years back. Agency Party Land and production house Food Chain developed the campaign, tagged "A Better Beard Sounds Pretty Good."

So, what inspired this manscaped musical approach?

"In the already crowded beard-care space, we needed something that felt different and stood out," Party Land art director Eli White tells Muse. "In throwing around the initial idea of a country band that plays their beards as instruments, it seemed so stupid that it might just be smart. The clients were willing to let us push the comedy."

But, why will viewers respond to the message?

"We're targeting young people with hair on their faces, which is pretty much every young guy," White says. "It seems broad, but that's what makes Every Man Jack a great product—it's for basically everyone. Most people think that beard care only applies to men with super intense beards. But the truth is, proper care can help anyone feel more confident, whether they have a mustache, stubble or a full beard."

And we're guessing the team had a grand ol' time putting this together, yes?

"it was definitely fun figuring out what this band should look and sound like. From creating Spotify country playlists to pulling mood boards of Western wear, a lot of thought went into the details of who this band is. We shot on an LED wall, which not only gave us full control of what the environment looked like but also allowed us to give the spot a slightly cinematic feel worthy of a country music video."

There must be some BTS anecdotes. Do tell!

"One of my favorite stories is that our lead vocalist had to sit with hair and makeup for hours getting two-foot-long beard extensions," White recalls. "He even had to make sure he slept on his back the night before the shoot so his beautiful beard stayed in mint condition."

Ads will air across connected TV, social, digital and search media, plus linear TV in October.


Agency: Party Land
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Matt Heath
Managing Director: Andy Silva
Group Brand Director: Amy Krieg
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Copywriter: Sarah Keats
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Edit: Cosmo Street Editorial 
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