Families Dress Up as Music Stars in Spotify's Fun New Campaign

We see Gagas and Yachtys everywhere!

Bad Bunny! Lil Yachty! Ozzy Osbourne! Lady Gaga! Dolly Parton!

None of these stars actually appear in 72andSunny's new ads for Spotify's Premium Family Plan, though the cute campaign does show fictional families dressed up as their favorite recording artists.

Breaking today and set to Leikeli47's kicky percussive track "Attitude," the work from Somesuch director Raine Allen Miller celebrates the emotional bond families can form over music:

Spotify Premium Family | Get The Family On
Spotify Premium Family | Get The Family On Gaga
Spotify Premium Family | Get The Family On Bad Bunny
Spotify Premium Family | Get The Family On Lil Yachty

Yachty, Baby Shark—it's all good!

The campaign stemmed from Spotify research that showed 90 percent of families listen to music together weekly, while 77 percent of parents believe tunes help them connect more than ever with their kids and other close relations.

Fun and memorable, the resulting work hits all the right notes. It's family-friendly (natch) but also visually vibrant, with multigenerational references telling a relatable story with no need for narration. Moreover, it speaks to our shared pop-culture obsessions—in some cases, passed on through generations—in a compelling and unexpected way.

"Music has always been about more than just music," Alex Bodman, Spotify's global executive creative director, told Muse in a wide-ranging interview last year. "It affects culture. It has a rich visual world. It has started revolutions. It has changed lives. Its impact goes beyond just the tune itself, and artists have been some of the most innovative creators and thinkers. So for us, it makes sense to do more than just supply the music."

Spotify has long played the culture card in its marketing, with considerable success. Some recent efforts, among many, focus on enjoying tunes in the car, feting 25 years of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and creating a David Bowie museum. "Wrapped," the streamer's year-end take on musical trends, has become a touchstone in its own right.

Along with TV, the new integrated campaign features digital, social and out-of-home elements in the U.S., U.K., Canada and other markets. The goal is to drive awareness of the Family Plan, which includes exclusive access to the Spotify Kids' app for an ad-free experience.


CAMPAIGN TITLE: "Get the Family On ___"

Veda Partalo, VP, Premium Brand & Marketing and Content Marketing
David Broad, Global Director, Marketing Strategy
Kim Young, Associate Brand Director
Jen Choi, Premium Social Media Lead
Emma B. Shannon, Senior Marketing Manager
Cleo Monrose, Associate Marketing Manager
Jordan Toczynski, Associate Manager, Premium Social Media


Film Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Molly Griffin
Director: Raine Allen Miller

Photographer: Lois Cohen
Retouching: Hecho Studios, LA

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Editor: Darren Baldwin

Bach, "Air on the G String"
Leikeli47 "Attitude"
Dolly Parton "Mule Skinner Blues"

Sound Design Company: Wave Studios
Executive Producer: Vicky Ferraro
Sound Designer: Aaron Reynolds & Chris Afzal

VFX Company: Method Studios
Executive Producer: Graham Dunglinson

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