Boston Pizza Dishes Up a Holiday Catalog of Pizza-Themed Presents

John St. elves make with the merry

Snow globes filled with parmesan. A pizza-bread house. SnowScooters with pepperoni slices for skis. Robo-vacs resembling cheesy deep-dish pies.

These are just some of the gifts you can't order from Boston Pizza's "Holiday Wish List" catalog this year. Working with John St., the Canadian dining chain created online and print versions of the guide, though alas, not the merchandise inside.

Sounds more naughty than nice, but they want to keep pizza top of mind for the festive season. Is that so wrong?

Introducing the BP Holiday Wish List

"We all remember that feeling of opening up a holiday catalog, scanning through every page, reading every single word," says client VP of marketing James Kawalecki. "There's a deep emotional connection to that routine that's been lost in the digital age. We wanted to tap into those nostalgic feelings and put our messaging right into that headspace."

Billboards and social ads drive traffic to the site:

"Pizza is something we're all eating over the course of the holidays, but it's just not automatically associated with this time of the year," says agency creative director Cam Boyd. "With this idea, we're hoping to change that, and make Boston Pizza as synonymous with the holidays as, say, the carol that goes 'Fa 'za 'za 'za 'za 'za 'za 'za 'za."

Sorry, we don't know that one. We only recognize carols played on tools and household products, or sung by pizza boxes.

See lots more images from the catalog below.

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