Kate Spade and Heinz Collab on Juicy Apparel and Accessories

Say hello to condiment couture

If condiment couture wasn't a thing, it is now, thanks to a summer collab from Heinz and Kate Spade New York.

Launching globally July 1, the brands created designer Heinz-themed tote bags, loafers, wristlets, tees, key chains and phone cases, priced from $45 to $398. The wristlet is an oversized ketchup packet, and its zipper resembles a fresh "squeeze" of the beloved stuff.

The collection will be available at select New York stores and online across North America, China, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.

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"For people around the world, both brands are everyday staples that elevate life's moments—whether that's in fashion or in food," says Lizzy Goodman, brand communications manager for Heinz U.S. at parent Kraft Heinz. "When this opportunity came to the forefront it was an absolute must for Heinz. Keeping fans at the center of our work, our collabs dream up new and unmissable ways to delight and inspire them. With each partnership, we strive to celebrate or give people exciting and unexpected ways to express their irrational love for Heinz."

The collab was created under Heinz's global creative strategy, "Irrational Love," targeting millennials and Gen Z audiences.

"With this collection, we're meeting our fans where they already are, hijacking trending cultural moments we know they are following, and collaborating with relevant brands, like Kate Spade New York, that we know they love," Goodman tells Muse.

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