Boston Pizza Comes in a Box That Sings a Carol This Holiday

A tuneful delivery from John St.

Just about everyone appreciates a slice or two of pie at holiday time. But wouldn't it be better if that pie were actually pizza, delivered in a box that plays a kooky Christmas carol? 

The answer, of course, is a big yuletide YES! 

Cue those eccentric elves at Boston Pizza and ad agency John St. They put a turkey dinner with gravy and cranberry sauce on top of a cheese pizza, then re-worked "Carol of the Bells" as an ode to the ingredients: 

"Cranberry sauce.
Gravy on top!
Turkey as well!
And also cheese!
Why is there cheese?
Cause we love cheese!"

Naturally, they also made pizza boxes that play the silly song when you lift the lid:

That peculiar pie is available at the chain's locations throughout Canada. If you call for a delivery, it just might be dispatched in one of those tuneful containers.

"The singing box is kind of like carolers coming to your door, but it's better because they brought pizza and you don't have to stand awkwardly listening to people sing to you," says John St. creative chief Angus Tucker.

The item operates via light sensor, just like a musical greeting card, so "when you open the box, the song will begin, and when you close the box the song will end," Tucker says. 

Or hey, you can add the ditty to your playlists on Spotify, because marketing and Christmas, right? 

The greasy, cheesy music box follows Boston Pizza's forays into bedtime snacks and extremely tiny patio furniture.

Remember: If you hear a box singing, and it's not from Boston Pizza, you'd best stop nipping at Grandma's special eggnog. 


Client: Boston Pizza Canada
SVP, Marketing: Peter Blackwell
Sr Director of Marketing: Adrian Fuoco
Sr Marketing Manager: Niels van Oyen
Assistant Marketing Manager: Gabrielle Herbert

Agency: john st.
Chief Creative Officer: Angus Tucker
Executive Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriter: Maddie Rosenberg
Art Director: Ela Kallonen
Director of Strategic Planning: Trevor Thomas
Strategist: Daavi Wong Wolfson
Executive Producer: Cas Binnington
Producer: Clare Dietrich
Producer: Erin Feldman
Team Lead: Ryan O’Hagan
Account Director: Caitlin Bourada
Account Executive: Kelly Brennan
Account Coordinator: Hailey Stummer

Director: Matt Dilmore
Production Company: Suneeva
Executive Producers: Geoff Cornish, Sara Thomas
Line Producer: Mike Masters
Casting: Mann Casting
Editorial: Jon Devries, School Editing
Colour: Clinton Homuth, ArtJail
Online: Andrew Rolfe, Fort York VFX
Audio: Roc Gagliese, Adam Damelin, Eggplant

Caroling Box Production: Gas Company
Photography Production: Gas Company 

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