FitTrack's New Campaign Says True Health Isn't One Size Fits All

Body positivity and the joy of motion

Athletes of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff in a new campaign for FitTrack, which makes smart scales and watches that monitor biometric information.

In the anthem spot below, folks perform gravity-defying leaps, sweeping ballet moves, strenuous handstands and impressive displays of strength. Their respective weight doesn't define who they are or what they can achieve, nor does it serve as a primary gauge of their health and well-being.

The Garden x FitTrack - One Size Fits One

"When it comes to the health and fitness industry, there is a severe lack of representation in body types," says Francheska Galloway-Davis, associate creative director at The Garden in Toronto, which developed the campaign. "But there are so many healthy people, and even amazing athletes, who don't have the 'perfect body' or fit the industry's picture of health. We wanted to put a spotlight on real people who can do extraordinary things, to help bust the stereotypes."

Martial artist Kevin Waisiyen, dancer Emily Butler, jump rope champ Eilea Given, boxer Yaw Attuah and Connor Briggs appear along with yogi Krystle Chance, who solos in this 15-second clip:

The Garden x FitTrack - One Size Fits One: Krystle

"Our target is anybody with a body and anyone health-curious enough to start their own personal health journey," says Lindsay Eady, also an ACD at The Garden. "FitTrack's smart tech lets people track their progress as they go, so your goal is only to become the best version of yourself, not compare yourself to anyone else. It's a healthier motivation than competing with a model on Instagram."

To cast everyday athletes during the pandemic, the team called for video submissions, and they were blown away by the range of talent they had to choose from.

"It was important to us to cast real people, so the campaign was as relatable as possible," Galloway-Davis recalls. "We also wanted to keep it real on the shoot, letting hair wisps fly and waistbands fold without intervening."

Themed "Live Your True Health" and breaking in the U.S., France and Spain, the initiative includes social activations and videos, out-of-home elements and an influencer appeal from Khloe Kardashian.

The Garden x FitTrack Social Videos
The Garden x FitTrack: Share the Scale Social Activation

The push mirrors other body-positive campaigns, notably Halo Top's slamming dance routine from last summer. It channels Whoop's intense health and wellness mojo, but with a less abstract narrative, and provides an interesting contrast with Oura Ring, which dialed up the funny to hit similar themes.


Campaign Title: Live Your True Health
Client: FitTrack

Creative Agency: The Garden
Chief Creative Officer: Shane Ogilvie
Chief Strategy Officer: Shari Walczak
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Francheska Galloway-Davis
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Lindsay Eady
Strategy Director: Jenn Munoz
Business Lead: Sam Sabatini
Project Lead: Julia Zammit
Studio Director: Jamie Morren
Producers: Jen Mete and Julian Weiman
Director and Photographer: Clay Stang
Director of Photography: Angel Navarro
Editor: Kat Webber

Post production and VFX: Artjail
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Flame Artists: Andrew Thiessen & Dan Margules
Motion Graphics: Bill Fowler

Audio Production: Didier Tovel, SNDWRX
Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting

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