Fitness Tracker Whoop Spins Pop-Culture Riddles for Connected World

Droga5 and Smuggler bid users to turn inward

Sculptured, glistening bodies roam a mysterious void as male and female speakers pose pop-culture riddles about sports, entertainment and current events, with helpful hints flashing on screen.

Such highly stylized scenes drive "Know Yourself," the first-ever TV campaign from wearable fitness monitor Whoop. Droga5 and directing duo Rubberband (aka Jason Filmore Sondock and Simon Davis) developed the work.

According to the mostly black-and-white hero spot below, it's all fine to cram-jam our brains (or at least our browsers) full of fun factoids, statistics and trivia. At the same time, we should also strive to acquire just as much knowledge about our ourselves, in order to live happy, healthier lives.

WHOOP - Know Yourself

The artsy approach feels refreshing, while retaining the physical dimension and sweat quotient we've come to expect from the category.

If it seems a tad perplexing at first glance, well, Whoop says that's intentional, as the spot is designed to challenge audiences. Many of us have mastered the zeitgeist, but are we prepared to make personal improvements, mentally and physically? If so, Whoop stands ready to provide the vital information we'll need, tracking our exercise, recovery and sleep metrics.

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"We wanted to create a different kind of sports-performance commercial solely focused on the body,"  Droga5 creative director Lauren Ferreira tells Muse. "To do that, we stripped away the stadiums, the fans, the set, even the color of the film—leaving us with a surreal void that highlights the musculature of our performers."

Artist/musicians Mumu Fresh and Shane Eli bring a playful bounce to the voiceover. "The film is supposed to be a bit playful, and we like the idea of a duet—the duo going back and forth—almost like athletes competing," Ferreira says.

Here's the script, which reads like abstract poetry:

"You know a lot
About a lot.

You know 6'3" hits threes
'98 marked the sixth
And kings see courts in 20/20.

When literally means figuratively
And peach doesn't mean peach.
That likers can be haters
Fingers find you action
And feet speak in French.

Days have routines
And nights have a rhythm.

You know love means nothing
And sisters win everything
One is 15
And three's 40.

That fores can't be counted
And tiger coats are green.

You know 26.2 in 2 was impossible
Until it wasn't
That bad knees need good kicks
And good kicks finish strong.

You know the inside of everything.
Except you.

Know yourself."

"This was about celebrating our audience's unique knowledge," Ferreira says. "For that reason, we had to make sure these 'riddles' weren't easy to crack at a glance. The point is to draw people in to really investigate how much they know and realize that when it comes to themselves, they're still in the dark."

Rubberband shot the film over the course of a single day with actors Kyreed Jordan and Tiffany Hendricks getting physical for the camera.

"We wanted to find performers who could play every sport imaginable and look graceful in the process," Ferreira says. "Kyreed and Tiffany both stood out as able to deliver on everything from three-pointers to pirouettes."


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