Liquid Death and Modern Warfare Vow to 'Save the Zombies'

A tie-in with the Call of Duty franchise

Sick of all the jingly-Kringly holiday commercials already? Let's deck the halls with zombies instead!

They're cool. (Literally, very low body temperature.) And they're "people too"—after a fashion—as Liquid Death reminds us in its collab with Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

LD argues for their "ethical treatment," and we're told that the brand's canned mountain water keeps organs hydrated and nutritious for consumption by ghouls.

Oh, the kooky (and mildly upsetting) co-branded mayhem can't be far behind...

Liquid Death | Save the Zombies

That faux-PSA host died as she lived. Like an idiot.

"We loved her because she really embodied that self-righteous, self-important do-gooder who felt like she was overstepping her bounds a bit," brand VP of creative Andy Pearson tells Muse. "We watched a lot of old charity commercials" to fine-tune the approach.

"This just felt like a fun, natural partnership for both sides" of the marketing equation, he says. "Zombies seem to capture our collective imagination in pop culture."

LD has a history with such fiends, plus a track record for campy, subversive horror and skewering TV media tropes.

"We now have an extensive library of zombie stock footage," Pearson says. "If anyone needs to buy it off us, please let me know."

Sounds like a bloody good stocking stuffer.

The new game (with zombies!) drops on Nov. 10.


Co-Founder/CEO: Mike Cessario
SVP of Marketing: Dan Murphy
VP of Creative: Andy Pearson
VP of Marketing: Greg Fass
VP of Design: Frank Dresmé
Creative Director: Will Carsola
Associate Creative Director: Stu Golley
Senior Brand Manager: Tia Sherwood
Senior Social Media Manager: Rachael Mumford
Senior Nihilist: Brendan Kelly
Video Editor: Tyler Beasley
Director: Dave Canning
Executive Producer: Johnny Eastlund
Senior Producer: Cookie Walukas
Senior Producer: Tatianna Rodriguez
Production Coordinator: Rylee Brown
Director of Photography: Matt Clegg
Production Designer: Michelle Patterson

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