Trojan Made a 48-Minute Film of Scrolling Credits You Can Chill To

Forsman & Bodenfors sets a mellow mood

Imagine a 48-minute film devoid of characters, plot or compelling images. In fact, it consists mostly of jokey, often inane "credits" scrolling across the screen.

You wouldn't want to watch it, right? Instead, you'd tune out the text rolling by and do something else ... like have safe sex!

Forsman & Bodenfors Canada made such a film for Trojan Condoms. 

Playing off "Netflix and chill"—a euphemism for sex, gentle readers—the video, title "& Chill," dropped last week on YouTube. After displaying a few actual production credits, it features seemingly endless riffs about dating, bars, plankton, wallpaper, shopping, pasta and more, along with Trojan product placements and data from a sexual health survey.

Check out this two-and-a-half-minute trailer—a quickie!:

And here's the more penetrating, full-length feature:

How long did you last? We mean through all those credits! The film runs twice as long as the average Canadian sexual encounter, btw.

"We were discussing what moments the Trojan brand could really 'own' in popular culture, and one of the very first thoughts that came to us was the credits of a movie," explains agency creative chief Matt Hassell.

"Movie credits and hooking up go hand-in-hand in dating culture," Hassell says. "Knowing that the 'and chill' part happens quite frequently during credits, we took that insight to create a plotless, talentless film that has all the twists and turns of a real action movie, but without you having to worry if you missed any of the movie."

Initially, the team sought to sponsor or create an activation around an actual film but decided to go big with the joke instead. "Why have the movie part at all?" says Haskell. "Credits are like wallpaper. They set the mood without getting in the way, and that's exactly what we were after."

The soundtrack feels suitably Hollywood, with percussion to tickle the ear, but an ambient quality that fades into the background.

"We wanted to set the perfect atmosphere to chill to, given that people hopefully won't be watching," Hassell says.

A score for scoring—yes!

Trojan has rolled out some notable campaigns of late. These include a Big Sexy Album of funny pseudo-sexy tunes; a chewing-gum billboard promoting sex education; and more recently, a contest with sex toys as prizes to spice up pandemic self-isolation.


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Veritas - PR: Earned media relations & influencer relations
The Vanity - CG/VFX Production
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