Lindsay Lohan's All About Pure Leaf Tea Breaks These Days

And she wants the whole damn office to join her

Lindsay Lohan, perched atop a workplace table, droning on and on about taking a tea break?

That's not what the Freaky Friday star does to unwind. Rather, it's an amusing bit from Edelman's new :90 for Pure Leaf.

Pure Leaf | Lindsay Lohan

"The energy was just right. And believe it or not, we managed to sneak in a tea break on set,” says agency GCD Eden Feducia. (Well, with all that free product around, obvi.)

It's tough not to judge the content in the context of Lohan's oft-turbulent media image.

Here, she works an amusingly mainstream vibe. And Lindsay's presence should be enough to entice eyeballs for a generation of fans raised on her ups and downs.

Maybe it's best to leave the "I'm still naughty!" routine to Ozzy Osbourne. (Though he knows a few things about the Leaf, that's for sure.)

Kelsey Taylor directed the ad through production house Eleanor in a style that crosses Disney flicks circa 2003 with every sitcom ever made. And I mean that as a compliment. Driven by La Lohan, the piece achieves just enough self-awareness to satisfy. 

As an IRL kicker, there's a Pure Leaf Tea Break Grant program developed with Mind Share Partners. It will provide funding for small businesses and nonprofits that implement tea breaks so employees can enjoy some branded refreshment.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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