This Netflix Billboard Is So Intense, It Actually Sweats

Drip! Drip! Drip! Nothing icky here at all

Nothing makes us want to watch a Netflix action thriller more than Chris Hemsworth's chiseled mug, glowering intensely at the world from a billboard, dripping ice-cold sweat.

Awesome? Ew?

Agency Omelet developed the soggy stunt to promote Extraction 2. Folks who encountered the actor's huge, wet head on the streets of NYC and L.A. seemed alternately amused and freaked out, which is exactly as it should be.

Netflix Extraction

The team cut tiny holes in the forehead to simulate pores. A recycling system behind the board continuously pumped water through the apertures to simulate perspiration.

As we see in the video, the outing was old-school interactive, with passersby dipping their fingers in the moisture. Some giggled. Others squealed. Sweatvertising rocks—Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

This icky/intimate approach feels refreshing after some of the overblown (albeit immensely impressive) anamorphic OOH efforts we've seen recently.

Netflix has wielded weird billboards before, most notably with this Stranger Things Eggo tie-in (best described as a bloody good show).

For Extraction2 , Unit 9 handled production, with Rapport providing media support.

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