You'll See Right Through This Canada Post Campaign

Thinking way outside the box

Canada Post makes its stance on carbon neutral deliveries crystal clear in sleek, stylized ads from The&Partnership.

A :30 shows transparent boxes cruising down highways, sans postal vehicles (though shipping labels are visible). We can look straight through each container to gaze on green countryside and cloud-flecked skies. It's a vibrant visual metaphor for environmental responsibility.

The work's light on details, which could be viewed as a negative. But at least it doesn't bog down in jargon or hyperbole. It's an unexpectedly riveting approach, with a muted, new-age sheen well suited to the message.

"All Canada Post's ground services are carbon-neutral," a narrator says. "Over 200 million packages a year, traveling lighter upon the Earth. And that's just a start."

"There has been so much talk over the last few years around sustainability efforts from brands and corporations, we wanted to make sure our message didn't get lost," says agency executive creative director Justin Roth. "So, it was important for us not only to spread the word about this initiative, but to get people to look at the impact of carbon neutrality in a whole new way."

With that in mind, "These transparent boxes felt like the perfect metaphor for the lightness our carbon footprint will have on the land," he says. "As opposed to putting our package front and center, we wanted the landscape of Canada to be the focus, because it's that natural beauty that's being preserved. That’s the real benefit here."

Ultimately, Yukon-based indigenous director Shaunoh Wilson of Circle Productions delivers an impressive eyeful.

"In addition to the package's journey, the spot also shares a beautiful story about shared humanity,” he says. “As we see Canadians living their everyday lives, we’re reminded of the influence we all have on our land and one another."

Canada Post is prioritizing indigenous-owned and led carbon offset projects, purchasing only from accredited services, part of its broader environmental effort.

The see-through box effect "was created using a drone outfitted with cameras on all sides that buzzed around our locations capturing everything from all angles," Roth explains. "Our effects wizards, Alter Ego, then used that information" to mold the visuals.

In the spirit of conservation, the production shot with "a skeleton crew and provided carbon offsets. For the look and feel we used mainly natural light, which really helped to present the landscape of Canada in a very real and heartfelt way."


Client: Canada Post
General Manager, Marketing: Danielle Doiron
Director, Advertising: Jennifer Justin & Mamta Dogra
Advertising Manager: Derek Welosky

Agency: The&Partnership

President: Andre Louis
Executive Creative Director, Canada: Justin Roth
Strategy Director: Erika Maginn
Senior Strategist: Matt Nolson
Creative Director: Nabil Rachid
Copywriter: Jane Murray
Senior Art Director: Duncan Porter
Integrated Business Lead: Sophie Mair
Group Account Director: Ashleigh McEwan
Account Director: Jenna Huckle

Account Supervisor: Marwa Eid
Account Coordinator: Melissa Ronson 

Head of Production: Jacqueline Bellmore
Producer: David Smith

French Agency: Tank
VP Client Services: Lyne Mongrain
Account Director: Anne-Louise Bélanger
Copywriter: Benoît Losier

Producer and Video Project Manager: David Smith

Production Company: Circle Productions

Director: Shaunoh
Producer: John Scarth

Executive Producer: Karen Tameanco
Editor:  Ryan Hunt

Production Designer: Rose Weir
Colour Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp
VFX: Alter Ego
VFX Producer: Darren Achim
Audio House: Boombox
Music Director: Roger Leavens
Composer: Chris Stiliadis

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