WWF's Endangered Species Puzzles Have the Same Number of Pieces as Animals Left

Proceeds support conservation efforts

Tragically, just 73 Southern Resident killer wales remain alive in the wild today.

To raise awareness and funds, World Wildlife Fund Canada and agency AKQA created a jigsaw puzzle with 73 pieces, each representing one of the survivors.

Giant pandas (1,864), Sumatran tigers (400) and pygmy three-toed sloths (79) also feature in the "Endangered Pieces" series, with puzzles selling for $25-35 apiece. All proceeds support conservation efforts.

"We focused on species with populations down to numbers that would fit in a puzzle box," AKQA associate creative director Axel Nygårds and copywriter Simon Magnusson tell Muse. "Aiming for universal appeal, we looked for a range where the puzzles had both varied difficulty and species from different parts of the animal kingdom."

Illustrator Jocelin Carmes and production studio Kühl & Han contributed to the project, which launched on March 16, National Panda Day.

Once "critically endangered," giant panda populations have risen of late, thanks in part to organizations such as the WWF. Still, they're hardly thriving. And for the other three species in these puzzles, prospects look bleak.

"The biodiversity crisis has been discussed as long as we can remember, yet it's hard to grasp how truly critical the situation is," Nygårds and Magnusson says. "The tactile experience of the puzzles lets us feel where the future of these animals lies: in our hands. As you hold and place one piece at a time, you understand just how few there are left of the beautiful animal taking shape in front of you."

They add: "Puzzles are loved by everyone, young and old. Beyond being a canvas for collaboration, 'Endangered Pieces' can hopefully spark conversations that transcend generations."

Other notable brand puzzlers include this doozy from the USAF (with a million frickin' pieces!) and an entry from Heinz Ketchup that will have you seeing naught but red.


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Kühl & Han
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Visual Director - Morten Kühl
Producer - Jeanel Landau

Jocelin Carmes

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