Why Not Dump Your Shower Head for a Sustainable Sex Toy?

This work's a tad naughty. And soaking wet

Jilted shower heads narrate this probably NSFW :60 from Love Not War, a U.K.-based maker of sustainable sex toys.

As a young woman wrapped in a towel leaves the bathroom, various nozzles tell a sad tale.

"Wait, stop! How could she leave me. After all the orgasms I gave her? Eight years of relationship ... down the drain."

"She still gets naked in front of me every day," one spout moans. Another claims to be leaking, though it's clearly bawling bitter tears.

There's a joke here about a sexy plumber, surely.

Toward the end, we're advised: "Break up with your shower head. Switch to a sustainable sex toy," and Love Not War's web address flashes on screen.

In a nice clean touch, the soap and sponge get the last word. 

The client says research showing that 1 in 4 women masturbate with shower heads inspired the creative approach. (They'll do a study on anything these days!)

"It's brought us all real pleasure to work on this," quips Vic D'Andrea, creative director at Dude:London, which developed the campaign. "We're proud to have created something that stands out from the usual sex toy advertising, but that really highlights Love Not War's environmental ethos." (All those sultry solo showers waste so much water, after all.)

As for the shoot, "The most important thing for us was that people should feel sorry for these poor, heartbroken shower heads," Dude CD Tomas Gianelli tells Muse. "To achieve this we had to humanize them. We did an extensive casting of shower heads until we found the ones that would best reflect these emotions. We fell in love with the ones where you could, almost by coincidence, see a face."

Naturally, keeping the work playful was important, too. "We are talking about sex toys after all," Gianelli says. "We went to the shoot with a script, but continued to work on it while on set. Those changes ended up being most of the lines we hear in the film."

Miguel Usandivaras and Martín Jalfen directed through production house Primo/Mexico.

Here's an example of the requisite influencer outreach:

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