For Nescafé's Kettles, It's All a Matter of Degree

Courage brews an environmental message

Hey, all you Nescafé lovers who boil water at 100°C (that's 212°F) to make your coffee ... knock it off, already!

The instant java brand says that 80°C (176°F) will do great for every cup and help the environment by conserving energy. A short film below illustrates that point. It's the latest in a series of impressive Nescafé commercials from Toronto agency Courage and director Omri Cohen.

Once again, the team pours on rich imagery, with picturesque storytelling that celebrates the comfy coffee rituals that start so many of our days.

Nescafé | 80 Degrees

Remember, Americans (and other Fahrenheit fans), we're talking 80 degrees CELSIUS. Setting a kettle at 80°F is just silly. 

"Nescafé is already such an integral part of billions of people's daily routines. And at that scale, even a small sustainable action can have a massive impact," says Courage founder and co-CCO Dhaval Bhatt. "We wanted to show people the power of a simple sustainable action that not only uses less power, but results in a better tasting coffee. As win-win as it gets."

"With '80 Degrees,' we hope our consumers will see that even small, repeated efforts can create meaningful change in the world," adds Tracey Cooke, CMO at Nestlé Canada.

The initiative also includes OOH and social media elements.

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