Omniscient Jane Lynch Narrates Apple's Primer on iPhone Privacy

Do you want the whole world knowing about your hemorrhoids?

Jane Lynch knows all about your troublesome hemorrhoids, abnormal heart rate, questionable hygiene, chronic night sweats and diarrhea. 

She's pitch-perfectly cast as the omniscient narrator of Apple's :90 on iPhone privacy, spilling intimate medical details about various mortified folks gathered in a waiting room.

"How do you know so much about us?" one woman asks warily. Some dude moans: "I don't like it!"

All-knowing Jane explains: "It's your health data. You've been sharing it without realizing it. That's how I know about Kevin's rash. And YOUR halitosis!"

In the end, we're told: "Health data shouldn't be public. The Health app helps keep it private," and Jane sighs, "Way to ruin the fun."

The Emmy winner's gleeful, Orwellian spiel really sells the brand message in a spot from TBWA\Media Arts Lab and MJZ director Craig Gillespie. (He made Snickers' famous Super Bowl ad with Betty White!)

In a way, of course, this is can't-miss territory. Of course we don't want nosey parkers peering at our wellness info! Even for internet natives and Gen Z, health is one realm where privacy truly matters. "Waiting Room" acknowledges that reality and skillfully plays on our fears with a satirical touch.

My ringworm's my business, dammit! IF I even have ringworm. I'm an iPhone lifer, so you'll never know! (Advertising's always 100 percent right, after all.)

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