Foot Locker Built a Nike Air Max Wonderland on Google Slides

An 'endless world' by and for sneakerheads

The theory of evolution drives "The Endless World of Air Max," a hub for the uber-popular Nike sneakers launched this week by Foot Locker and BBDO New York on Google Slides.

Air Max specs and styles change over time, so the venue, part of Foot Locker's "Discover Your Air" campaign, hosts a colorful array of constantly evolving content produced by and for sneakerheads. Brand enthusiasts and influencers such as Anna Bediones, Sanne Poez, Brenn Lorenzo and Melissa Cantey contributed to the project.

All in all, it's a kicky celebration of kicks taken to the Max, with factoids, trivia quizzes, art competitions, product discussions and live-streamed events presented amid constantly changing visuals.

"When we took a look at our Gen Z consumer base, we noticed a growing trend in the use of Google Slides, whether it be to track the latest drops or keep tabs on resale opportunities," Foot Locker vp of marketing Rich Mcleod tells Muse. "Given the current protocols with in-store shopping, we feel that the Google Slides experience allows us to create an endless shopping opportunity that'll also function as an entertainment hub for our community."

While not an e-commerce play per se, "The Endless World of Air Max" offers links for purchases, and the evolving nature of the platform should keep users enthralled and coming back for more.

"Perhaps the most important feature is how it can evolve in real time right in front of participants' eyes," says Sho Matsuzaki, associate creative director at BBDO New York. Because Slides is primarily intended for live collaboration, "it allows us to constantly swap designs and engage with consumers in ways that a standard website does not," Matsuzaki says. "We can fill the whole experience with hand-drawn illustrations one second, and then a second later swap everything out for 3-D designs."

The platform also allows talent to engage with consumers in real-time. "For example, we will be hosting a live Air Max-themed art competition in the experience," Matsuzaki says. "As part of the competition, our artists will be using the slides as a mood board: dropping visual references for inspiration as they work, letting consumers in on their creative process."

Other highlights include:

• Stepping In: A series of videos highlighting different Air Max collections from around the world.
• MasterClass: An audio guide hosted by DC Young Fly.
• Air Max Trivia: Multiple rounds with chances to win Foot Locker prizes.
• Air Max GOAT: A bracket-style competition to determine which Air Max is the Greatest of All Time.
• Air Max My Way: User-generated styles from around the world, compiled into a flipbook-style animation.

Of late, we've seen several other culturally aware (and tech savvy) initiatives designed to boost Air Max engagement in innovative ways. Two examples, both from Nike and AKQA, include this Japanese zine combining IRL and digital features, and an AR shopping experience in Brazil that launched the shoe into the clouds.


Client: Foot Locker
Title: The Endless World of Air Max: A Google Slides Experience
Agency: BBDO New York

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars 
Executive Creative Directors: Danilo Boer & Marcos Kotlhar
Senior Art Director: Sho Matsuzaki
Designer: Kim Blasnik
Designer: Jay Giraldo
Art Director: Woo-Jae Yoon

Project Management Director: Noreen Masih
Senior Account Director: Josh Steinman 
Account Director: Janelle Van Wonderen 
Account Director: Raymond Dorcely Jr.
Account Executive: Matthew Nein
Influencer Lead: Lucy Bennett
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Heather Weissman

Production Company: BBDO Studios
Studio Director: AJ Rowe
Senior Post Producer: Allie Kolb
Editor/Animator: Brad Go
Editor/Animator: Alex Lubars
Senior Producer: Andrew Osborne & Michael Woodall 
Planning Director: Zach Kula

Design Company: ilovedust 

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