This Car Prototype Addresses the Dangers of 'Driving While Black'

A cry against police brutality, timed to the Detroit Auto Show

It's a sad comment on our times that a vehicle designed to protect Black folks from police brutality during routine traffic stops doesn't sound like pure fantasy.

The Courageous Conversation Global Foundation worked with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Critical Mass and The Mill to develop a prototype for such a car.

Dubbed the DWB—"Driving While Black"—the sedan boasts some unique attributes, making it "Fully equipped to survive being racially profiled." The work is timed to the Detroit Auto Show, which kicks off today.

A short film below, made in the style of a car-hype reel, feels downright chilling. Among the DWB's "safety features" are transparent doors "to eliminate reasonable suspicion," a steering wheel "that keeps hands visible at all times" and no trunk or glovebox, to remove the need for searches.

CCGF | The World's First DWB

Note the license plate, "3X." In America, Black people are three times more likely than whites to be killed during encounters with police.

"A car won't solve the problem," the PSA concludes. "Only we can do that." Viewers are invited to visit this site for more information.

"We were looking for a fresh way to come at the 3X stat, which has been at the center of the work we've done for CCGF," Goodby creative director Anthony O’Neill tells Muse. "Our inspiration comes from life experiences. So, when we were thinking things through this felt like a fresh idea, turning the term DWB into a vehicle that can save Black lives."

"We looked at making the car, but it would be too expensive to transport. So, we pivoted to the CAD model" which will appear at an AR activation during the Auto Show, O'Neill says. "I was at my daughter’s practice and I mentioned the project to one of the dads, and he happened to be a project engineer—Aubrey Jones from A-4R. He said he could work up a version ... then we took that in-house, where Nick Bizzack continued to manipulate the car before handing off to The Mill."

The design draws inspiration from the Oldsmobile 8LS Philando Castile was murdered in during a Minnesota traffic stop seven years ago.

In 2020, Goodby and the CCGF memorably dramatized the epidemic of unarmed Black men shot by police. That effort and "DWB" artfully harness outrage to advocate for understand and disrupt the status quo.

Such work targets "people on the fence," challenging them "to see the racism around them," says agency creative director Rony Castor. The ultimate goal, of course is to "change the narrative around Black folks and traffic stops. Basically, to make routine stops more routine for us," he says.

"The model makes me think about the fear for my life I had each time the police stopped me," adds Craig Mitchell, who narrates the campaign. "My parents gave me 'The Talk' when I started driving in my hometown of St. Louis. I am blessed none of my traffic stops ever escalated. But hundreds of thousands of black drivers throughout history can't say that."


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