The Future of Creativity, in 60 Words or Less (Part 5)

Clio jurors offer their thoughts on what's next

We just got back from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where we spent two weeks at judging for the 2019 Clio Awards. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Clios, we asked all the jurors there to give us their thoughts about the future of creativity, in 60 words or less. 

Here are the responses from Ronald Ng of Isobar, Iris Meijer of Vodafone Business, Alice Chou of Dentsu, Kumuda Rao of Leo Burnett, Sue Higgs of Grey, Livio Dainese of Wirz BBDO, and Daniela Cachich of PepsiCo Foods Brazil. 

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Ronald Ng

Global Chief Creative Officer, Isobar

Thanks to advancements in technology, data, media, commerce and 5G, there's never been a better time to create great experiences for people. Connected by mission and purpose, every experience is an opportunity for brand building. As we embrace the new, to close the million miles between inspiration and transaction, one thing won't change: Creativity is the non-negotiable ingredient for success. 

Iris Meijer

Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Business

In our uncertain world, where change is the only constant and we see large-scale erosion of trust, creativity at its best has a unique opportunity to not only bring people hope and joy but also bring them together to build a better world.

Alice Chou

Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Taiwan

It is said the present is pregnant with the future. On the 60th birthday of Clio, I'd like to remind myself to always be open-minded to change, and also to cherish all the unchanged beautiful classics that time teaches us. I believe what time has taught us will give us power now and create beautiful change in the future too.

Kumuda Rao

Group Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Mumbai

Consumer. Consumer. Consumer.
Content. Content. Content.
Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment.
Solutions. Solutions. Solutions.
Local. Local. Local.
Tech-y. Tech-y. Tech-y.
Personal. Personal. Personal.
Like. Like. Like.
Share. Share. Share.
Immersive. Disruptive. Inclusive.
Human. Humane. Honest. Heart.
Irreverent. Rebellious. Audacious.
Feminist. Anti-ageist. Zeitgeist.
Local. Universal. Geo-agnostic.
Political. Social. Cultural.
Causative. Transformative. Purposeful.
Mission. Action. Unity.
Old tales. New twists.
Unexpected. Unpredictable. A-ha!

Sue Higgs

Group Creative Director, Grey London

The future talks to humans and makes us feel something. 

Funny. Sad. Happy. Surprising. Unexpected. Artful. Clever. Innovative. Irreverent. Provocative. Witty. Big. Divisive. Curious. Passionate. Willful. Daring. Heart-stopping. Moving. Active. Inclusive. Militant. Life-changing. Audacious. Attention-seeking. Naughty. Memorable. Questioning. Entertaining. Jaw-dropping. Mind-bending. Talkable. Shareable. Bold. Powerful.

Made by humans for humans. 
It. Cannot. Be. Boring.
It. Will. Not. Be. Boring. 

Livio Dainese

Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Wirz BBDO

Yes, everything will change. Yes, 5G. Yes, automated marketing. Yes, A.I. But we we should trust in what got us here: Being creative. Finding the thing no one thought of. Finding the idea that makes the mundane magic. It's not limited to advertising. We should be more creative about where to be creative.

Daniela Cachich

VP of Marketing, Pepsico Foods Brazil

The future of creativity will continue to be based on touching hearts and brains in a simple and brilliant way. More and more, creativity can come from everywhere and everyone. No matter if you are small or big, no matter if you have big or low budget. I believe that there will be no barrier to achieve excellence in creativity.

Felix Fenz

Managing Director, Creative, Grabarz & Partner

Creativity has no future. Nor a past. It's free from categories like that. Creativity is a natural constant. The ultimate key to solve the unsolveable. To find new ways when logic says there is no way. Creativity doesn't care where we apply it. Or how. Let's change the game and win when we can't win. Let's create.

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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