The Future of Creativity, in 60 Words or Less (Part 3)

Clio jurors offer their thoughts on what's next

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico—We're in Cabo this week at judging for the 2019 Clio Awards. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Clios, we asked all the jurors to give us their thoughts about the future of creativity, in 60 words or less. 

Here are the responses from Kainaz Karmakar of Ogilvy Mumbai, Mike Spirkovski of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, Graham Lang of Juniper Park TBWA, Anuwat Nitipanont of BBDO Bangkok, and Ricardo John of Wunderman Thompson. 

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Kainaz Karmakar

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Mumbai

Creativity's future  is the same as its past, or its present. Great storytelling that makes you feel something. You can say it on a vertical screen, you can start your story with "Data shows" if it helps sell it. But all great work is a tale well told. Look at "The Truth Is Worth It." Simple storytelling. Genius storytelling. 

Mike Spirkovski

Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

We need ideas that genuinely inspire change—to stop the decimation of our planet, its resources and even mankind. If your product, process or organization negatively impacts the environment, or the mental health of human society, you will not survive. No one will buy or interact with you. It might sound gloomy, but it doesn't have to be.

Graham Lang

Chief Creative Officer, Juniper Park TBWA

People want to know that the brands they're buying into have a strong moral compass. I hope to see a future where brand value is determined by the transparent and ethical way they do business and how they impact the world. Brands that focus less on targeting an audience as opposed to servicing a community will win in the future.

Anuwat Nitipanont

Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Bangkok

Creativity is the future, no doubt about that. Creativity will be more intelligent, inclusive and for everyone. The product of creativity will be more for you. Great ideas will come from everyone, while content will be designed for each one. Collectively, these ideas will shape our society and the world we are living in. 

Ricardo John

Chief Creative Officer, Brazil/LATAM, Wunderman Thompson

Stop chasing the consumer and start to entertain him!

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