Cannabis Brand Serra Colorfully Depicts Its Users' Six Blissful States of Mind

Stink Studios' pastel visuals really pop

Here at the dawn of cannabis advertising, brands have sparked up origin stories and personal histories to introduce their wares to consumers, many of whom are still wary of the esoteric category.

Then there's Serra, purveyor of high-end weed, which promises to light up your days and nights in special ways via this visually inventive campaign from Stink Studios.

It's a breath of fresh (or perhaps pleasantly pot-scented) air, with a playful pastel palette and unexpected imagery, such as bubble-wrapped bods, chill folks buried up to their chins in shimmery alien dust, and tiny flowers sprouting from satisfied grins:

Serra | Who Knew?

Those were carrot binoculars. Couldn't you tell?

The :15 above, along with the following print, digital and out-of-home elements, target the Los Angeles market, and highlight the six mental states Serra tries to helps consumers attain: happiness, relaxation, focus, energy, creativity and relief.







"Serra was one of the first cannabis brands that grouped their product offerings under specific feelings, and it was important for us to champion this," Stink creative director Albert Ignacio tells Muse. "To feel all the feelings signaled transformation—but not in a trippy, drugged-out kind of way. We wanted to present different ways to visualize specific feelings that were fun, unexpected and slightly weird."

Themed "Get There With Serra," the work feels light, carefree and snackable, befitting a company that markets cannabis-infused chocolates, caramels, gum drops and assorted other goodies. It embraces weed's pop-culture roots, reinterpreting a fun, festive Haight-Ashbury vibe for the digital age.

"Getting fresh flower petals to rest perfectly in a smiling mouth was no easy feat, especially with how close and personal that setup was," recalls agency senior producer Sean Quinn. "Our talent, Abigail, had a great attitude and so much patience with the team. We had special 'weed-wizard' support on set to help us select the best flowers to shoot, down to the hyper-scientific, mind-blowing details that contribute to the overall aesthetic of each flower."

Is "weed wizard" a paid position? Where do we apply?
"For another producer and I, the shoot marked our first foray into hand modeling during the 'Creativity' and 'Relaxation' setups," Quinn adds. "Just goes to show that any time could be your time to shine."


Client: Serra
Serra VP of Marketing: Chasity Roesler
Serra Creative Director: Aric Rist
Serra Art Director: Barbara Dipaola
Agency: Stink Studios
Photography: Luca Venter
Managing Director: Jacinte Faria
Executive Creative Director: Yego Moravia
Director of Strategy: Casandra Malowanczyk
Creative Director: Albert Ignacio
Sr. Art Director: Nick Fearnley
Sr. Strategist: Sruti Dhulipala
Sr. Producer: Sean Quinn
Jr. Art Director: Esther Park
Jr. Art Director: Lilyan Kris
Production Design: Davis Handmade
Hair / Makeup: Eliven Quiros
Sound Design: Ian Watt
Colorist: Daniel de Vue, a52 Color

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