23 Videos Cover the 23 Medical Uses of Marijuana in Pennsylvania

BAM evolves its work for Keystone Canna Remedies

In a series of heartfelt videos, Keystone Canna Remedies shines an emotional light on the 23 medical conditions approved by the State of Pennsylvania for treatment with marijuana—including anxiety disorders and Tourette syndrome, both added to the list last year:

The BAM Connection recently launched those clips and 21 other :15s in its "For23" campaign, anchored by the 60-second anthem below. We see stark but ultimately inspiring images of people who "suffer day in and day out" but "refuse to be shaken" by their ailments, because cannabis offers relief and the chance for a better life:

A Tribute to All Pennsylvanians Who Power Through 23 Chronic Conditions Every Day

"For23" evolved from BAM's previous Keystone campaign, "For21," which scored a Gold Clio in the advocacy category at last year's inaugural Clio Cannabis Awards.

"The original concept was to leverage 4/20, the biggest day for marijuana, and draw attention to how cannabis is so much more than just its recreational use," BAM deputy creative chief Steve Krauss tells Muse. "This year, we felt the obligation to step up Keystone's role as community leaders and speak more directly and empathetically to all Pennsylvanians needlessly suffering each day. So instead of just static posts, speaking in general terms about each condition, we crafted 23 individual videos, each a mini anthem."

Working on a tight budget, the team mixed stock footage with fresh imagery.

Fortunately, for the long-format piece, we had amazing assets of real Keystone customers outside the dispensary holding up placards, each stating how medical marijuana has helped them," says BAM creative director David Giles. "This helped us build a dramatic sequence of hope and resolution."

BAM posted several clips each day last week, notching total organic impressions approaching 22,000 so far, with initial video views up 45 percent compared to last year's campaign.

"We want people to know that marijuana is so much more than what stereotypes and myths have made it out to be," says Keystone co-founder Victor Guadagnino. "How it's not just a recreational drug, but also a medicinal boon that's impacting lives across the country, and that it has the power to change their lives, too."

"For23" lives on KeyStone's Instagram and Twitter feeds, with the :60 also running on YouTube.

The campaign and its predecessor mark a key progression in cannabis marketing, seeking to allay fears and misconceptions with relatable, empowering messages about product benefits.

That makes "For23" akin to this effort from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, which focuses on relieving anxiety, and, to some extent, Serra's exploration of altered states (though the latter's vivid hues and playful tone set it apart from most work in the category).


Agency: The BAM Connection, Brooklyn, NY 
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Baiocco 
Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Steve Krauss 
Chief Executive Officer: Maureen Maldari 
Managing Director: Anthony DelleCave 
Creative Director: Dave Giles 
Copywriter: Manas Paradkar 
Art Director: Brianne Linden 
Account Executive: Philip Maldari 
Client: Keystone Canna Remedies
Co-Founders: Victor Guadagnino Jr., Joan Guadagnino

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