LGBTQ+ Artists Fashion 'Pronoun Plates' for Lyft

Your car says so much about who you are

Drivers pimp their rides all the time as a form of self-expression. Paint jobs, decals and various forms of detailing abound—but license plates rarely rate a second thought. Which is odd, because the 12-by-6-inch registration markers rank among the most notable modes of vehicle identification and, by extension, can say a lot about a car's owner.

With this in mind, ride-share giant Lyft commissioned LGBTQ+ artists to create colorful, empowering "Pronoun Plates." Behold, "She/They," "He/Him," "Any/All" and more, tricked out in high style, and auctioned on Charitybuzz to support the Human Rights Campaign and National Center for Transgender Equality:

Lyft worked with agency GUT on the initiative, which includes interviews with some of the artists:

Pronoun Plates - Celebrating Pronouns | Lyft

"My design for this project is a feminine expression of the he/him pronoun," explains Zipeng Zhu.

"I just want them to understand that non-binary people can live happy lives full of so much joy," adds Theo Grimes.

Timed to International Pronoun Day on Oct. 20, the initiative includes $50,000 donations from Lyft to both the HRC and NCTE. The company's app has long allowed users to specify their pronouns, so the plates feel more like a continuation of inclusive policies than a trendy one-off.

"We saw it as a great creative opportunity to use an unused media space," GUT creative director Bruno Mazzotti tells Muse. "They're also the simplest and safest way to identify your driver when waiting for a ride. So, the connection was that simple."

"We picked artists who are part of the community, who are allied to the cause, and who identify with a diverse range of pronouns," Mazzotti says. "Also, a mixture of styles was very important to have rich and impactful visuals, bringing the energy needed to illustrate this message."

The push resembles VMLY&R's internal effort to embrace shifting gender pronoun norms, as well as Ikea's vibrant "Love Seats" campaign with sofas based on Pride-flag designs.

"As a cisgender man who identifies as he/him/his, the learning about pronouns and their importance has been an amazing experience," says GUT creative director Dean Paradise. "It's something many of us take for granted, but something that can have a huge impact. There's a lot of negativity around the use of pronouns, but I feel cis people have a huge role to play in making the world a more inclusive and welcoming place."


Theo Grimes
Zipeng Zhu
Shanée Benjamin
Mich Miller
Melita Tirado
Olivia M. Healy
Bàrbara Alca
Milo Wren
Spencer Ashley

Agency: GUT
Anselmo Ramos - Co-Founder & Creative Chairman
Carmen Rodriguez - Chief Client Officer, Global Partner
Paulo Fogaca - COO, Global Partner
Ricardo Casal - ECD, North America & Global Partner
Juan Pena - ECD, North America & Global Partner
Bruno Mazzotti - Creative Director
Dean Paradise - Creative Director
Sam Lemoine - Creative Director
Jose Ramirez - Associate Creative Director
Jeff Schermer - Associate Creative Director
Charlotte Simons - Social Art Director
Daphne Lefran - Social Copywriter
Monique Beauchamp - Account Director
Carolina Foster - Management Supervisor
Veronica Perez - Senior Account Executive
Claire Golden - Project Manager, Account Services
Renata Neumann – Head of Production
Solana Froment - Producer
Christina Chin - Producer
Pablo Rosas - Group Strategy Director
Maria Fernanda Perez - Senior Planner
Christian Pierre - Chief Digital Intelligence Officer
Guido Fusetti – Head of Art
Kristy Garcia - Sr. Social Project Manager
Christina Cornejo Ayala - Creative Manager
Junia Parodi - Creative Manager

Client: Lyft
Karin Onsager-Birch - VP, Creative
Gianmaria Schonlieb - Creative Director
Nancy Strange - Creative Director, Head of Brand Voice
John Olson - Lead Designer
Paige Heavin - Brand Marketing Manager
Shelley Ong - Director, Brand Marketing
Bryna Corcoran - Director, Head of Brand Social Media, Influencer Marketing
Chaia Raibon - Social Media Manager
Steph Ramirez - Social Media Manager
Connor Hall - Marketing Program Manager
Kristin Sheff - Senior Marketing Program Manager
Kacey Hart - Producer

Director: Ramiro Carranza
Production & Post Production: Merge

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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